10 months, 1142 encounters, 2744 rowdy sheeters arrested, 167 cases registered, 150 crore worth wealth seized!

These numbers in the headline will give you chills. But it is a fact how a Chief Minister of this state is literally putting all his might and will to transform the state which was once called crime city to a model city. This state which has a population of over 20 crores has still remained underdeveloped till now because of caste, religion politics and corrupt politicians.

There is a saying that without developing this state, India cannot prosper. Yes it is Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is the largest state of India which should have probably played a vital role in leading India’s growth. Even though top political leaders and most powerful families of India became Prime Minister from this state, they hardly did any development to the state and even today UP remains one of the underdeveloped state. Even after 70 years after Independence, thousands of villages in UP had no power supply, no water facility no road connectivity and no education facilities for children.The main reason being the rampant corruption, nepotism, dynastic and religious politics played by most of the political parties. Only after Modi government came to power, more than 17,000 villages have got electricity for the first time.

The entire Nehru-Gandhi family since the time of Indira Gandhi have been contesting from Amethi and Rae Bareli but the places still lack basic facilities. Congress which ruled the state for maximum years indulged in caste and religious politics which became the sole agenda of all elections. The BSP which was formed during the days of Emergency to oppose Congress’s caste politics turned into a corrupt party themselves joining hands with Congress.On the other hand  Mulayam Singh Yadav who was in the Janata Party took advantage of the Babri Masjid issue and formed his own party with a ideology inclining with left.

His appeasement politics went to the extent of breaking all boundaries and gave free hand to terror elements and anti National groups who literally turned UP into a crime city. Endless number of riots, violence,  rapes, crimes, terror attacks became the hallmark of UP in a span of 20 years. But no party or no leader dared to end this goonda raj and take the criminals head on.

But in 2017, after Yogi Adityanath became the CM of UP, he has shown the spine of lion to take the criminals head on. He has instructed all police and intelligence services not to neglect even the smallest crime in UP and has asked the police to wipe out all the rowdy sheeters who are mainly responsible for causing violence and riots. Communal clashes which were highest a year back has now come down and terror elements, anti national groups who were wide spread in many cities have been cracked down like never before.

Ina span of 10 months, there have been 1142 encounters, 2744 rowdy sheeters have been arrested, 167 cases registered against criminals, 34 anti social elements killed and massive amount of money has been seized from goonda elements.

According to data released by UP government (Published in Hosa Digantha, 6,February 2018), The number of encounters in different cities are as follows.

Place Number of Encounters
Agra 210
Meerut 449
Bareli 196
Kanpur 91
Varanasi 73
Allahabad 53
Lucknow 38
Gorakhpur 38

The Yogi Government is on a mission mode to erase criminals from UP for which he has given full powers to the Police. The intelligence bureau has been giving valuable inputs about the radical Islamic groups who have been getting support from Pakistan ISI to fund groups like PFI and SDPI in India in a bid to create anti India sentiment. It can be well remembered the Darbang module of terror which was set up in Bihar was also stretching its base in UP. The NIA and ATS had clear lead that many local people were being hired and radicalized in the camps.

But the hunt for these criminals in UP have now made them run for life. The recent murder of a young boy called Chandan Gupta in Kasjang for chanting Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram on Republic Day sent shivers in the minds of people and exposed the mindset of radical groups. The murderers of Chandan Gupta were arrested within 3-4 days and the entire area has come under scrutiny. The police searched many houses which were set to be providing shelter for radical elements and seized many guns, country bombs and large amount of money.


Constant search operations have been going on and recently the ATS and police arrested a terror suspect from Lucknow.

So, if this way of taming criminals continues, then surely in another year or two, there is no doubt UP will transform itself for good and may overtake many states in terms of development.

Data Credit: Keerthiraj, writer, Hosadigantha

Aishwarya S



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