10 months, three massive train derailments in Uttar Pradesh, accident or planned attack?

It was not long ago we saw worst train accidents in Uttar Pradesh last year just before the assembly elections. The first incident was reported on November 21st 2016 in which the 14 bogeys of the Indor-Patna express was derailed in Kanpur which killed 150 people and injured over 300.

Just a month after this incident, on 28th December 2016, the Sealdah-Ajmer Express was derailed again in Kanpur in which over 70 people were injured. But what was shocking is, on January 2nd 2017, the Railway Patrol team found major cracks on tracks in Kanpur- Mandhana station which could have caused another major train accident. But fortunately the patrol team was conscious enough to avert this accident and save hundreds of lives.

Until then, it was believed that train accidents were caused due to negligence of railway officials and improper maintenance. But the investigations revealed shocking truth about the handy work of miscreants who are being paid heavily for sabotage. The police had revealed that many railway officials were involved in the act of sabotage and were taking orders from some anti social elements or terrorists.

The reports said that this may have been an act of terrorists who had hired people to remove fish plates in the tracks which can derail the train causing severe damage.

Now the Utkal Express accident in Uttar Pradesh has put serious questions on the security measures of the railways. Although the preliminary reports suggest that the train accident was caused due to mismanagement and incomplete work on tracks. But few officials within the police and railway authorities hint at a possible act of sabotage by miscreants. The Republic TV also quoted that the government was considering the terror angle and have ordered probe into the matter.

Causing train accidents is an easy method for terrorists or anti social elements who want to take lives as it involves less risk and causes more damage. Until now no governments or investigating agencies investigated the terror angle in train accidents which gave anti socials elements a free hand. But now, since it has been found that these train derailments are not just accidents, the government will have to take the issue very seriously and provide proper security to commuters before it become a routine habit for terrorists.

Aishwarya S