10 ‘real swag’ quotes of Sushma Swaraj ji that every India must read

Sushmaji was known for her oratory skills. She had a certain style of pinning down the Opposition in the parliamentary debates. She was very popular among the youth specially in the social media. Her witty replies on the tweets won her huge number of followers.

Here are her 10 quotes which prove she had a ‘swag’:

  • While addressing the PM of Pakisthan – Sushma Swaraj said – “Nawaz Sharif says that human rights are being violated in India, but let me remind him, those who live in house of glass, shouldn’t not throw stone at others”.
  • When the debate on FDI was happening in Loksabha, RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, taking a dig at Sushmaji and said you are in banaras and you don’t know to eat a pan- meaning you are incompetent in the work you are doing.Sushmaji gave back a reply in lalu Yadavas own style- gaanth kholna in Hindi means to speak the hearts content. She said “you don’t know how to put your intentions into words and you don’t know anything else than cracking jokes”.
  • She was an excellent team worker. She had been awarded best parliamentarian award twice for her participation. She even tried to take opposition into confidence. She used to emphasize team spirit saying  “transferring blame on each other will never solve a problem. The problem can only be solved by working together as a team”.
  • Her speech at United nations is regarded as one of her best. She took dig at Pakisthan with such a wit, Pakistan was left biting on their own words. She said “there is a country in the world, what it sows is terrorism, what it reep is terrorism, what it sells is terrorism and what it exports is also terrorism”.
  • Even though she was fierce nationalist she always tried to de escalate tension between India and Pakistan. Not just that even during debates at parliment she always sided with healthy arguments. “The biggest of big problems are solved over dialog. In this world fighting war has never been a solution to any problem”.
  • When Rahul Gandhi made an accusation of helping Lalit modi, and said thieves do their work quietly and sushmaji too did the same.

She had befitting reply up the sleeve “Sushma Swaraj has never hushed up anything. If anyone has done anything treacherous it’s you who helped Quattrochi to escape and at times of Rajiv Gandhi you did the same with Anderson”

Quattrochi was sought after in the Bofors scandal and Anderson of union carbide in Bhopal gas tragedy case. But the congress successfully smuggled them out of the country.

  • When our pseudo seculars and liberals called the terrorists, some misguided youth and tried to present an argument of their innocence. An when Pakisthan had brought up an argument on killing of terrorists in Kashmir, Sushmaji had a impactful reply, “here we are busy in defining terrorism, but the fact is we can have a distinction of good and bad among terrorists” meaning a terrorist is a terrorist and its a bad thing which needs to be controlled.
  • She had understood the basics of a peaceful society. She had said “the government is working towards development in social and economic sectors and when once the basic facilities reaches the needy, automatically a peaceful society will come to existence”.
  • When she was MEA from 2014-19, on speaking about relationship with Pakisthan she had said “in two years of resuming office I have always worked towards strengthening bond with Pakisthan, but what did we get on return? Pathankot, Uri???? “

As a MEA she had conveyed strongly that talks are not possible till pak sponsors cross border terrorism.

  • When former prime Minister Manmohan singh blamed the opposition  party of beinv unfaithful, Sushmaji had a apt reply “there night be some reason for  wing unfaithful. Our reason is that you are being utterly unfaithful towards the country, hence we can not keep our faith in you “.

Sushmaji was one of the very few women in the usually male dominated field of politics. But thought her clear stance, leadership qualities and Unapologetical daring speech she has left her mark in history of our countries politics. She will forever remembered for these qualities

Dr Sindhu Prashanth