What are the 10 Significant Changes Under ‘Modi’fied Pakistan Policy???

A 10 Pointer to our ‘Modi’fied Pak Policy 

Modi’s Pak policy bears his signature personality; of an individual who behaves politely, speaks softly but carries a stick in his hand. 

When he won the elections so emphatically; everyone (the World too) expected to be the ‘right wing Pak hating 56″ chested rambo’ who’s only intention was to carpet bomb the enemy. Like always & Modi being Modi, he busted that farcical perceptual bubble. 

He showed that he didn’t want to approach the Pak issue with historical baggage & wanted to start afresh on his own terms based on his own unique overtures. 

1. Being his own man, he started on Pak with a clean slate, right from the very day of his Oath taking when he invited Nawaz Sharif. 

No one expected him to do that & he didn’t draw too much flak for it. 

2. Further on he lead the ‘intent’ train himself by dropping in to Lahore impromptu to wish Nawaz on his birthday & attend the family wedding. 

Here, he was ridiculed domestically & drew tremendous flak for it (Kya Yahi Hai 56″ ki chest? Types). 

3. Not withstanding this criticism & going even further, he sent a Shawl for Nawaz’s mother indicating he personally was committed towards peace irrespective of the adverse public opinion on the matter. 

4.He risked his entire political imagery by this move, drew further intense criticism & was accused of toeing Congress’s line on it.

(This shocked the liberals much to their own delight but that’s another debate) 

5. Not to be outdone by all this; the good will & chemistry between Modi & Nawaz, the Pak army & ISI showed who’s the real BOSS by executing the attack on Pathankot AF base. A forward base full of IAF fighter aircrafts. 

6.Knowing well what would follow, yet Modi bit the bullet & allowed the Pak team to visit so that they don’t cry later saying ‘evidence was collected unilaterally by India’ and hence deny them any scope to contest the evidence later. 


However, Modi drew the most vicious, hard hitting criticism for it. 

7. By then, the Pak army & ISI had completely deflated the ‘make believe’ of Modi-Nawaz camaraderie had recaptured/reset the narrative on the Indo-Pak equation to default (Army+ISI control) 

8. Then Uri happened as a final nail in the coffin. Modi, like a self respecting human and a head of state should do, buried the coffin of his infant child of ‘peace’ with great satisfaction that he was good father to it till now. 

9. Once again being his own man, he chose to hit back viciously with an unprecedented diplomatic & military attack on Pak implying ‘this far & no further’ &  completely redefining the Indo-Pak equation and giving us the upper hand in a very very long time.

10. Along with it we supported the Baloch movement for freedom, further rattling the Pak establishment. 

All this put together has ensured that Pakistan no longer takes for granted as a soft power who wont retaliate.

Folks there is much more to follow, as events unfold. 

We are calling Pak’s bluff for the first time in recent history, we are winning big & we have a PM to thank for it. 

Abhishek Chaturvedi 


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