10 ways how Sonia Gandhi destroyed Congress in 10 years!

When most BJP leaders talk about Congress Mukt Bharat, one may wonder is it possible?! Since Congress has been a grand old party and most people joined the party during the independence struggle. Although the motive behind starting the party was galvanizing people to fight British and attain independence, many people in the party turned out to be selfish and diluted the cause completely.

The party which had great personalities like Sardar Patel, Shashtri, Dr Ambedkar were all neglected and eventually it turned out to be a family hub of fake Gandhis! The efficient leaders were sidelined by Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi and ultimately the place was only meant for sycophants of the Nehru family.

The Congress party saw the zenith of success from the year 1940s to 2010s. The one reason for their success was most people in India never knew the real intentions of these people. They believed that Congress party worked for the poor and deprived. They believed that their ideology is Nationalism. The media was not vibrant like now to expose their misdeeds and corruption, so most of the issues were buried and people never came to know. But it was not before 2010, the real face of Congress was completely exposed!

Sonia Gandhi who has been the Congress President and the power house of the INC for over 2 decades now literally ruined the country with corruption, anti Nationalism and pseudo secularism. But along with the country, she also destroyed her own party! Sonia Gandhi who enjoyed tremendous support until now, has no takers today and most likely that she may lose the MP seat in Rae Bareli if contested next time.

The 10 ways how Sonia destroyed Congress were:

  1. Firstly, the way how Manmohan Singh was made a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi was the beginning. Although initially people believed he was efficient, his role as a ROBOT was soon exposed when the Congress government was caught with endless scams and MMS being totally helpless. People started to realise how Sonia Gandhi was playing from behind and kept Manmohan Singh as a shield to protect herself and Rahul from getting caught.
  2. The selfishness of Sonia Gandhi and her utter disregard for democracy gave free hand to corrupt people like P Chidambaram, A Raja, Kalamadi who took the country for a ride. Sonia never objected them nor did she try to resolve the issues and allowed them to loot the country.
  3. In order to retain in power, she made huge compromises on National security, which resulted in 26/11 attack and many terror attacks in 2011. She never took actions against the culprits, but her party invented a fake saffron terror dialogue in order to dilute the issue of jihad in India. The armed forces were completely neglected and demoralized which made the people lose hope in governance and security.
  4. Rahul Gandhi became the biggest headache for Congress, Sonia Gandhi desperately wanted to project Rahul Gandhi in 2009, but his reluctance to take over the party made him look like a part time politician, non serious elite class member who would visit people only during elections, and an Italian who spends his summer in India. The charisma of Rahul Gandhi that was developed in 2009 was completely destroyed by 2014. In a span of 5 years Rahul exposed himself completely to the world.

Her blind love towards her son made her give prime importance to Rahul neglecting better people which clearly gave a message that there was no future to Congress.

  1. Sonia Gandhi underestimated Modi’s popularity and ignored the developmental model of Gujarat which built the personality of Modi. The entire Congress campaign was based on maligning Modi and racking up 2002 riots and scaring people with communal threat. On the other hand Modi spoke about governance, corruption free society which the people were desperate to hear about. He gave the right message to people who were tired of Congress scams.
  2. Congress mismanaged Andhra Pradesh, they thought bifurcation will make them look good and would gain support in elections, but they lost both states.
  3. Sonia Gandhi and Congress again indulged in vote bank politics appeasing minority community, but they failed to realise that there was a huge tectonic shift in the Indian politics and people no longer believed their fake promises.
  4. Congress completely neglected the Hindus in the verge of appeasement politics. This consolidated the Dalits and OBC votes which brought big gains to BJP.
  5. Sonia and Rahul lost morality to seek votes and their promise of corruption free government had no takers since people had witnessed the decade long corruption. Rahul’s appeal was a flop show since the man neither had the charisma nor the capacity to bring votes.
  6. Hell of scams, scandals and corruption gave rise to Indian Against Corruption movement by Anna Hazare which lead to complete destruction of Congress. The arrogance of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, their unwillingness to answer people cost them huge.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are solely responsible for the situation of Congress today which is struggling for existence.

Aishwarya S **



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