It was 10:30 in the night and I saw Piyush Goyal working !

Gone are the days when ministers used to take a nap in their offices, their work being limited to signing documents. This is Modi Government and it firmly believes in accountability. The ministers in Modi’s cabinet are working hard than any cabinet ministers before. And no, we are not saying it. It’s the people who share such stories on Social Media which strengthens our believe in Acche Din.

A Mumbai based Facebook user, Manish Hariprasad updated a story with two pictures of Union Minister Shri Piyush Goyal on his facebook account. He wrote: “This is at 10:30 in the pm. Minister of State for coal, mines and new energy, Piyush Goyal, working. For better part of 3 hours that we were in the flight.
A quick nap when the pilot announced descent to Mumbai. Woke up at touchdown and rushed out at 11pm saying my sisters would be waiting with Rakhis.

Much impressed.”

This post was flooded by likes and comments, some people sharing their experiences and views on the Minister’s performance. One of them wrote, “My friend works in the renewable energy ministry headed by Piyush goyal . She Says he is one of the most hard working and driven persons. She is ad background person and moved into this , she Says it’s absolutely amazin her work ..” . Another comment on this post mentioned how Piyush Goyal has transformed the highly debt ridden state electricity boards which were at the brink of bankruptcy with his policies.


Keep going Piyush Goyal Sir. With this workaholism, you are raising the bar high for others, and inspiring all of us to work harder than ever before. We salute you.

Ankita Lal

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