12th player of Pakistan! Looks like it is Mr Rahul Gandhi’s chance to take U-turns this time

Congress leader, former party president Mr. Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday used his Twitter handle and made a statement: where in he says, he may disagree with government but Kashmir is India’s internal issue and there is no room for pakistan or any other country to intervene.

Coming from a leader of a national party, who while congratulating P. V Sindhu said you have made ‘your’ country proud, these statements seems surprising.

Just three days before Mr. Rahul Gandhi was coining terms as ‘draconian law’, ‘brute force’, suddenly why such shift of tone.

Did he become a nationalist overnight?? Seems very unlikely.

The real reason may though, Rahul gandhi’s immature blabbering attracted Storm of criticism by fellow Indians.

And, Pakistan government appealed to UN to interfere in the Kashmir issue yet again with a letter, but this time the letter had Gandhi Scions name in it and his statements were used by pakistan to propel their lies.

But for congress this matter is just that of mischief by pakistan.

Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said, “Let no one in the world be in doubt that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were, are and shall always remain an integral part of India. No amount of diabolical deception by Pakistan shall change this irrevocable truth.”

Why couldn’t congress leaders stand up and show solidarity, the day, centre took a bold step to make state of Jammu and Kashmir an integral part of India?

Upon being mentioned by a terror state like pakistan, are they trying to correct the mistake done by their ‘young’ leader Rahul gandhi?

Randeep Surjewala also said,

“We have noticed reports citing an alleged petition moved by the Pakistani government in United Nations on J&K, wherein the name of Rahul Gandhi has been mischievously dragged to justify the pack of lies & deliberate misinformation being spread by Pakistan.”

Getting mentioned in a letter by a country who are inflicting wounds upon wounds through to terrorism since time of independence has clearly exposed Congress and their agenda.

The backlash by public is yet another reason for these leaders to come out and give such statements. Rahul gandhi was questioned by people on social media as to why he is being a mouthpiece of Pakistan’s agenda?

This public pressure is what drove Rahul Gandhi to take a complete u-turn from his previous attack on the Modi government on the Article 370 issue.

He even had tried to reach Srinagar with a delegation of leaders of opposition. He made rogue remarks on the steps taken by government to keep valley peaceful.

He had also said, People were dying in the state and the situation was not normal as claimed by the government.

His sister Priyanka Vadra too, took this chance to sling mud on the government’s efforts, she said under ‘nationalist’ idea people’s rights are being suppressed.

And now can Mrs. Vadra explain how her own brother turned a nationalist overnight?

It’s been the game plan of Congress party since long time. Only difference is now people can not be hoodwinked. Congress’s agenda, their interest is well known to majority if the citizens in India. And these citizens only bust their lie on social media platforms.

Till the general elections, these Congress leaders were creating drama saying ‘Chowkidar chor hai’, why no such remarks now?

Because the answer for their lies were given by India, by giving a whooping majority to the Chowkidar’s party.

With MHA office being taken up by Amit Shah, they have understood their drama and vile propoganda are short lived. This party never had national interest in their mind or heart. They stooge to the level of slavery to a particular family. Only leaders after leaders became richer by cutting all sorts of deals against national interest.

It will not be surprise if the congress leader Rahul Gandhi takes yet another U turn, if at all government achieve something best for the country.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth