13 days on…No sign of Rahul Gandhi, What is he upto?

The most crucial period of presidential elections are taking place and Rahul Gandhi showed no sign of interest in the process. Its been 13 days since he vanished to Italy claiming to spend time with his grand mother. But what is the assurance that he really went to spend time with his grandmother?!

No one ever knows where do the Gandhi’s go, why do they go and what do they do! We just have to rely on what so ever statements they make! This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has vanished abroad….In 2015 he went on a 56 day break to an unknown location leaving the entire Congress to defend himself with stupid reasons.

Again in September 2015, he vanished to America (atleast what he said) and claimed to have attended some unknown conference in Aspen. But no one ever believed the theory and later he was forced to post a picture which more so looked like Rahul Gandhi entered some event just to take a picture of himself among people. Interestingly there was not one picture of the dias or the name of event displayed.

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Rahul Gandhi who created a big hue cry about the demonetization vanished just after a month in December while the deadline of demonetization was about to end. He tweeted saying he was traveling to New York. “I will be travelling for the next few days. Happy New Year to everyone, wishing you and your loved ones success and happiness in this coming year.” 

Even after the Congress saw a humiliating defeat in Uttar Pradesh in February, the first thing Rahul Gandhi did was to announce his vacation. He said he was going to visit his ailing mother in an undisclosed location. There was no clue where they were, which country, which hospital.

Sonia Gandhi is no different, even while Sonia Gandhi was ruling the country as the proxy Prime Minister behind Manmohan Singh, she kept visiting abroad apparently for treatment, but not once did she ever inform what was the treatment about or which country she would be going. Although we respect her privacy, that doesn’t mean she would take the country for granted. No media or people would want to follow her and put a spy camera in her living room or a hospital.

All that the country would like to know is the REAL reason for her abroad visits. It is only in India, politicians and especially people like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi take advantage using health issue, it is because they think Indians are dumb and never have the spine to question them. In US or any other developed countries, the people and media never applaud those politicians who hide real facts about their health and use it as a political tool. The best example was Hillary Clinton.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, the world witnessed how Hillary Clinton was made to pay for her lies on health issues. Those politicians who misuse health issues to take political advantage have very little chances of making it to the power in developed countries. But here we have given full advantage to a lady and her son who have been completely misusing their GANDHI tag to hide all their activities abroad.

In 2004, Times Magazine had made international news about Vajapayee’s health. It had mocked him after he lost elections saying what kind of leadership he would provided if he had won the 2004 elections?! Times magazine said Vajpayee snoozes for 3 hour in the noon and his medication made him drowsy. Now will the same media question Rahul Gandhi who was caught snoozing 2 times in Parliament while major bills were being discussed and given a perfect health condition of his?!

This is the seriousness of the Congress unannounced President and Prime Ministerial Candidate!!!

The Indian media is no different, while we applaud the media questioning the free junkets of MPs and MLAs traveling abroad, they don’t dare to question Rahul or Sonia on the same. Atleast we know where the free junket MLAs and MPs are going, but in case of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi we never know what are they upto!

After all, they both are MPs and have been provide SPG security and all facilities in tax payers money. So it is good they show some respect towards the country which is giving them all facilities for nearly 45 years now!

Aishwarya S