14 Year Old Girl Conducts Experiments on Benefits of Chanting ‘Om’, Know What She Discovered!

Hinduism is not just a religion; it’s a way of a life. Yet Hindus fail to see it that way. Everything in the religion – from the mantras to the rituals, from its science to its teachings – are meant for people to incorporate in their lives as much as possible & reap their benefits. It’s time we recognize the brilliance of Hinduism&that of one particular sacred sound – ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’.

Listening or chanting ‘Om’ can reduced fatigue, & this has been proven by a 14-year old student. Anwesha Chowdhury who is a class IX student of Adamas World School, Kolkata, recently topped the Science Congress organized by the state government by proving that the sound ‘Om’ reduced fatigue.

The idea to this incredible experiment was conceived when Anwesha visited Uttarakhand & saw that priests carried water from Bageshwar to Kedarnath (68 km every day) without showing any signs of tiring. They did sing tunes throughout their journey, but Anwesha couldn’t replicate the same mantras for her experiment. So, she began searching for a similar tune which she found in ‘Om’.

“Finally, a tune with 430+ Hz frequency clicked. In five experiments in various laboratories, I measured the oxygen & carbon dioxide levels of 17 adults while listening to the tune for 30 minutes, & there was an increase of oxygen level & decrease in carbon dioxide in their bodies.

“I found that sounds with a particular frequency, if heard or recited right, raises the level of neurotransmitters & hormones like serotonin, dopamine, DHEA. Because of their vasodilatory actions, the oxygen level in blood soars. It also produces less lactic acid & allows the person to act without fatigue,” she said.

The findings garnered lavish praise from a variety of scientific intellectuals. “No one has ever pin-pointed on the ‘Om’ sound & conducted such comprehensive experiments on its use,” said Dipankar Das, senior scientist, state science & technology department.

Debashish Bandopadhyay who is the head of the department of physiology, Calcutta University said, “Anwesha’s project is innovative, it’s quite flawless & convincing.”

This is just one of the inherent gifts of Hinduism to its followers; many have been discovered & many yet to be. But it’s imperative that we start t0 inculcate some of these aspects into our daily lives as it is us who stand to benefit, no one else!

Vinayak Jain