15 billion cash, Diamonds and Jewels!!! India’s deadliest mafia run by a powerful female politician has ended today

The corrupt can hide nowhere in India and the Modi government has proved it once again. Today, a dynasty run by a female on the basis of fear has come to an end. This lady, who had a unique knack of silencing her political opponents, has faced the same fate.

Sasikala!!! This is the name which is making headlines from past several days. She was even aspiring to become the chief minister of a state but Indian judiciary had ruined her greed. But she didn’t stop there as even in jail, she used to get royal treatments from the Karnataka police. She even went out on shopping wearing a Burkha yet no one could question her.

Top points that will stun you!!!

  • 16 bank lockers have been frozen by the IT officials
  • Diamond jewellery is seized and that are yet to be valued. By this, we can estimate that the value is really huge.
  • The seized documents show that at the time of demonetization, huge amounts of old notes were converted into gold at Midas
  • Rs 1,430 crore was invested on real estate, illegally
  • A total of 187 premises raided which are owned by V K Sasikala
  • Shell firms and suspicious fund deposits were the main targets of the raid.

Diamonds in empty hostel rooms!!!

Poes Garden raided!!! Documents seized will put a final nail in the coffin of V K Sasikala

“We have not searched the entire Poes Garden premises. Our team went at 9.00 pm and only Poongundran’s room, records room and other room used by Sasikala were searched”, the IT official said. The prime aim of this ride was to get hold of the entire documents which will trap Sasikala in the court of law. Laptop, four pen drives and a desktop are the main items seized in the ride.

Days ago nearly 1800 Income Tax officers had raided across 187 locations that belonged to Sasikala and her aides. The raid had unearthed cash, valuables and documents related to undisclosed income calculated at approximately Rs 1,430 crore. The documents seized revealed how Sasikala used shell companies to route black money. The shell companies that never performed any activities were suddenly active after the demonetisation move and this alerted the income tax sleuths.

Cash and diamond found in Sasikala’s relative’s college!!!

IT officials revealed that Rs 67 crore cash, collection of diamonds and jewels were unearthed from a college which was owned by close relative of Sasikala.

“The cash has been seized and we have issued prohibitory orders on the diamond and jewels, as their accurate valuation cannot be done immediately. We have sealed them on the premises and will value them later on a mutually convenient date”, said the IT officials.


Why is Sasikala so successful in executing illegal business in Tamil Nadu?

She was a running a videotape shop and used to record weddings attended by
Jayalalitha. But later on, she gained the trust of Jayalalitha and later even misused it. Even the senior IAS, IPS officers are not able to withstand the overpowering Mannargudi
Mafia and many a times, they have to bend for their demands.

But VK Sasikala was found guilty of corruption by the Supreme Court and has been sentenced to four years in prison. The verdict disqualifies Sasikala from becoming a legislator and consequentially she can’t be chief minister either for six years from the date of release of prison under the Representation of the People Act, reported livemint.

The credit for pushing Sasikala and Jayalalitha to jail goes to Subramanian Swamy. He had filed a case against Jayalalithaa alleging that during her tenure as Tamil Nadu chief minister from 1991 to 1996, she amassed properties worth Rs66.65 crore disproportionate to her known sources of income.

Hansika Raj


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