For 15 years, Congress was shouting Godhra Godhra Godhra!!! But all of a sudden it has shut its mouth regarding Godhra riots, do you know why?

The Congress party has spear headed its campaign in Gujarat under the captaincy of Rahul Gandhi who hardly steered Congress towards victory in state elections. As usual, the main weapon of Congress is spreading lies and this task is executed very well by Rahul Gandhi and Congress social media head Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana.

But there is something peculiar in their style of campaigning in this election. From 2002 to 2017, Congress had contributed significantly towards sound pollution by shouting that PM Modi was responsible for ‘Godhra Riots’. Even after PM Modi was given clean chit by the judiciary, Congress didn’t stop smearing the image of PM Modi.

But this time, they have not even uttered a single word about Godhra riots and are not blaming on PM Modi for it. Do you know?

You may think that BJP has threatened Congress to file defamation case against them if they dig out Godhra incident, then you are wrong?

What is the link between Donald Trump and Godhra riots?

Donald Trump’s trump card to win the elections in United States in the year 2016 was ‘Cambridge Analytica’. This firm had helped President Donald Trump win elections through a targeted communication campaign.

Now with the fear of getting defeated in the 2019 elections, it has hired this foreign firm ‘Cambridge Analytica’. It is said that this firm has advised a set of guidelines for the congress party.

Till date, Congress took the sadistic pleasure of hurting Hindu sentiments. But now the sources say that the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ has advised Congress not to hurt Hindu sentiments.

That’s the main reason why Rahul Gandhi has started the drama of visiting Hindu temples. Once he called that all the temple goers as eve-teasers but now he proved to be a chameleon.

In the poll bound Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi was spotted at Dwarkadhish temple. Later, he entered the famous Chotila temple in Surendranagar district. His devotion to Hinduism didn’t stop here as he even visited Khodal Dham temple in Kagvad village. This 47 year old youth icon never respected Hindu culture but all of a sudden he turned out to a staunch follower of Hinduism. Is he trying to be the chameleon of politics?

Not just this, the Congress party has stopped giving out anti-Hindu statements since few weeks. This makes it clear that Congress was hurting Hindu sentiment till date.

But will the Hindus forgive the Congress’s crime of fixing Hindus like Lt Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya in bomb blast case even though it was clear that Pakistan was involved in it?

Will the Hindus forgive and forget how Congress invented ‘Saffron terrorism’ to insult Hindus?

Will the Hindus forgive and forget how Congress suppressed Hindus for 70 years?

Will the people forgive and forget how Congress’s aide called Gujaratis as Donkeys?

If Congress tries to play dirty tricks using Godhra riots like it did from past 15 years, it will shrink its vote share for sure. So the Congress has resorted to appease Hindu voters by smartly attending temples. But the surveys conducted Times of India, ABP news and India today say that Congress is going to face a disastrous defeat in the Gujarat elections.

Hansika Raj


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