Here is an overwhelming letter that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose wrote to his mother when he was 16!

“Prostrating over your holy feet, I write to you assuming you are well.

“Give me blood, and I will give you freedom”, he said, and lived a short yet magnificent life of a true patriot. Till date, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is remembered as the most valorous freedom fighter of India. Born on 23rd of January and mysteriously disappeared in 1945 at Taiwan, Subhas Chandra Bose was a student of Scottish Church College. Here is a letter that he wrote to his mother during his days of schooling, when he was just 16 years old. It is evidence for the pure and intense patriotism that flowed through the man’s veins, which later inspired him to take steps for India that no one else dared to take. The letter has been directly translated from reliable sources.

“Prostrating over your holy feet, I write to you assuming you are well.

Mother, I do not know why there is a thought recurring in my mind since this morning. Isn’t there even a single selfless soul within the enslaved country of India? Where are the great Aryas who were courageous enough to even sacrifice their lives for the country? For how longer should we withstand this horrible fate of India? I believe that it is time for us to wake up from our slumber. They say we are born as humans after numerous reincarnations as animals. Being born as a man, if we do not accomplish something worthwhile, this incarnation too shall be worthless.

God has apparently created one religion in the Kaliyuga. That is the religion of the (materially) rich. God has given us legs, but we do not even walk 10 kilometres using them. God has given us arms, but we do not even use them to carry out our own day-to-day works. We make the poor do that for us, because we are ‘rich’. We employ the poor to do our works for us. We hesitate even to move our hands and legs a little out of our comfort zones. We are born in a warm country, but our bodies are not even strong enough to endure the warmth. Owing to this very weakness caused by the religion of the ‘rich’, our country is seeing a constant downfall through our own hands.

Mother, these days I am beginning to realise that letting go of our selfishness will equal serving Mother India. For some reason, all my mind and ears can heed are the cries of Mother India. Perhaps someday, people like me shall hear it too. I want to inspire them, and be a server of the great Mother India.

Mother, I am here by pledging to devote my complete time for the service of the country. Forgive me, for I may not be able to look after you in the meantime. Should I spend my time taking care of you, it shall be just you receiving service. But from my service to Mother India, I am sure hundreds of Indians shall be benefitted. Bless me so that I succeed in my endeavours, and please look after your health.

Your son, Subhas.”

He was 16 when he wrote this letter. Can we imagine having this extent of love for the country at the age of 16? This man sacrificed his necessities to service the motherland. Not only did the colonizers fear his valour, the pseudo-Indians who claimed themselves as freedom fighters and shamelessly served the British feared him too. That was why; his death was so perfectly staged even without evidence for the plane crash that apparently ‘happened’. Numerous controversies were spun regarding the intentions of this patriot, and his personality was brought down by Indians themselves. How many of those men were willing to make as many sacrifices as Netaji?

Regardless of the untimely death, Netaji left behind a strong legacy that India recollects and respects even today. “Walk alone to be successful, and when people shall follow, it is validation that you are successful.” Netaji is followed by all young souls that feel dearly for the country, until date.

Trisha Jay