17 Billion Rupees Saved!!! Aadhaar helped cancel 3 crore fake, duplicate ration cards

One more milestone achieved by the NDA government. The number of fake ID’s in form of voter-id, ration cards, are increasing double & triple in numbers, is yet another huge corruption racket that has been caught and needs to be busted. For all those Congressmen who claim that there has been no change achieved by our PM Narendra Modi or his BJP Government in India, here’s what they need to know.

Nearly 3 crore fake and duplicate ration cards have been cancelled during the three years of the NDA government, CR Chaudhary, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution announced. It had also saved the country a handsome amount of Rs 17,000 crore every year during this time, he added.

Linking the ration card to the holder’s Aadhaar number had allowed the government to clean up the system, the minister said. He was speaking at the 21st National Conference on e-Governance here.

This is Awesome. Nearly 3 Crore fake & duplicate Ration cards have been cancelled during 3 years of Modi Govt. It had also saved Country’s Rs 17000 Crore every year. This is result of Aadhaar Linking. And it also tells how our System is infected with loopholes. Thanks to Congress

“Out of 23 crore ration cards in the country, 82 percent (19 crore) are linked with Aadhaar. We have removed 2.95 crore fake or duplicate ration cards in the country in the past three years which has resulted in a saving of Rs 17,000 crore annually. It has ensured that food grains are being delivered to the rightful person,” he informed.

Crores of fake and duplicate ration cards were created by the same person with the same address and details. How could this be possible without the help of any of the government officials or authorities concerned? This is the route they created to pile up voters for Congress. If not by hook they tried crook!

Chaudhary said that e-governance could help in increasing the ease of doing business in the country which, in turn, would help attract foreign investment. Telangana’s Minister of IT and Industries, KT Rama Rao, who also addressed the conference, said that 4,500 “Me-Seva” centres in the state were handling 1.5 lakh transactions every day.

He informed that these centres had completed 10 crore transactions since they began seven years ago. He also added that an upgraded version of the project, covering 180 government services, would be launched soon. He informed that 6,000 clearances had been given to industries under the state industrial policy called TS-iPass and this involved an investment of Rs 1.2 lakh crore and had the potential to create three lakh jobs.

Systematic system change and use of loopholes for corruption and commission? 60 years spend in such development and net result is few became rich and large population remained poor! The disparity in wealth sharing is due to this!

What the Congress government had failed to do in the past 60 years rule, is been gradually achieved by the BJP government now. Now they will start bringing up the agenda that no authority was involved in tailoring these fake ration cards, but nation knows the truth! It is the rich who continued to be wealthy and the poor never gained money under the Congress rule.

Source: Economic Times



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