2 decades ago, his father was insulted by Congress but today he takes revenge by becoming the CM of a state that was formerly ruled by Congress

Karma Pays Back, Congress party slammed for insulting and expelling P Sangma

Congress party headed by Gandhi family has long been following the trend of Dynasty politics. From Jawahar Lal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi ,they themselves have always occupied the throne. And any other contender who comes in their way is either assassinated or thrown from the party.

They have never respected any of their leader or their views. They just want everyone in their party to consider them as their god and to lick the soles of their feet. Whether it is in present or past whosoever raises their voice against them have no right to do so.

But either today or tomorrow, they say you have to pay back for your Karmas. And now that time has come for Congress. Karma is paying back to them. They are being thrashed for their bad deeds and thrown out of the country, the same way they did.

In another such move, Karma has slapped tightly on the face of Congress. In 1999 Congress party has expelled three dissident leaders who opposed Sonia Gandhi’s candidacy for Prime Minister because she was born in Italy. They all had written the four-page letter that sharply questioned her leadership credentials. One of them was P.A Sangma.

P. A. Sangma, a member of Parliament from northeastern India who had been Speaker of the lower house of Parliament was expelled from the party for raising his voice. Party officials expressed outrage on this that Mr. Sangma, whom Mrs. Gandhi had given party positions of authority, had publicly expressed his views about her foreign origin despite the party’s internal decision to stand behind her.

Several officials said the rebels had strengthened Congress’s main rival for power, the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been making a major issue of Mrs. Gandhi’s birth in much the same language as the three Congress opponents.

Congress and their party officials instead of listening to the views of Mr. P Sangma humiliated him, put allegations on him, questioned him for raising his voice, expelled him from the party and also branded him as a traitor.

But after 19 years Congress has bore the fruits of their seed sowing. Mr P.Sangma’s son Conrad K Sangma has slammed the Congress Government so hard that they will never be able to forget. A son has taken the revenge of his father’s disrespect.

Conrad Sangma has allied with BJP and formed a government in the state of Meghalaya thrashing the Congress back. Conrad is also actively involved in social work. He is the president of the PA Sangma foundation, which works for the betterment of education and the environment in rural Meghalaya.

Conrad Sangma took charge of the National People’s Party after his father’s death in March 2016 and projected it as the main contender against the Congress, which had ruled the state for 10 years.

In the 2013 assembly elections, the NPP had won just two out of the 32 it contested with a vote share of less than 10 percent. Even Conrad lost by a huge margin. But the tide started to turn with his 2016 by-election victory from Tura Lok Sabha seat.

Conrad Sangma defeated the then Chief Minister Mukul Sangma’s wife Dikkanchi D Shira by nearly two lakh votes, retaining the seat held by his late father for over four decades by the highest margin ever.

And now the results of his hard work are in front of us. His party NPP allied with BJP and formed a government in Meghalaya, with him becoming the youngest Chief Minister of Meghalaya and kicking back the Congress Party hard.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/1999/05/21/world/congress-party-expels-3-who-opposed-gandhi.html



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