2 years ago a Catholic Nun was raped but Hindus and Modi were blamed!!! But now the court said that the rapist is Nazrul Islam

Who can forget the ‘2015 Kandhamal gang rape case’ that shook the entire nation? A 71-year-old Syro-Malankara Catholic nun was gang raped by eight men who robbed a Catholic missionary school. This happened in West Bengal where once lived a great personality named sister Nivedita.

What happened later was purely a foolish and propaganda campaign. Instead of nabbing the real culprits and taking into task the West Bengal government of Mamata Banerjee for such a massive lapse in law and order, the pseudo liberals, seculars and presstitutes blamed PM Modi and Hindu outfits.

They blamed RSS and BJP, but a man named Nazrul Islam alias Noju was the real culprit who raped the 71 year old nun at a Ranaghat convent. The Judge Kumkum Sinha said “What happened to a senior nun here is a blot on Bengal’s legacy”.

“The six accused forced their way into the convent school in Nadia’s Ranaghat, more than 80 km from Kolkata, in the early, hours of March 14, 2015, after overpowering the guard at gun-point. They then climbed to the first floor and took whatever valuables they could find. Islam locked the 71 year old nun in a room and then raped her when she tried to resist the looting”, reported the Times Network.

2 years ago, several catholic religious heads and few leaders who were politically inclined did their every bit to target and tarnish Hindus. Let us have a look at those statements!!!

“I am not Indian any more, at least in the eyes of the proponents of the Hindu Rashtra”, said retired police chief Julio Ribeiro. But now that the rapist is a Bangladeshi Muslim, will he still blame Hindus?

Even internationally known website “reuters.com” which is a frequent Hindu hater had published an article saying that minorities are under frequent attack in the Modi’s India. It also tried to project Hindu organisations as violent outfits. Now ‘Nazrul Islam alias Noju’ is the rapist, will it apologize to Hindus?

Look at the above image which shows you how our own very popular pressitite NDTV tried its bit to attack Hindus in an article titled “Christians Say They are Under Siege in India After Nun’s Rape, Church Attacks”.

BJP and RSS came clean 2 years back itself!!!

“We demand the strictest punishment for whoever responsible irrespective of their political affiliation. If need be, a CBI probe should be held. Some leaders are trying to portray it as a deed of the BJP and RSS. I want to tell them that there are a huge number of Christians living peacefully in places like Goa and Chhattisgarh”.

This were the words of BJP district president Kalyan Kumar Nandi after efforts were made to shift the blame on BJP and RSS in the Kolkata nun rape case.

Hasnika Raj