20 Muslims convert to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh hoping justice after their family member was murdered by their own community

Conversion of 20 Muslims in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district’s Badarka has turned the attention of the entire nation. The only purpose of the 20 Muslims embracing Hinduism is to get justice after their family member was killed by their own community members.

The Muslims who converted to Hinduism claimed that their family member was murdered by few men belonging to Muslim community. They also expressed their grief saying, though this murder took place front of 3000 Muslims, no one came forward to rescue him. That’s why they decided to convert to Hindus, hoping that the murderers will be behind bars.

The family had submitted affidavits to the sub divisional magistrate (SDM) of Baraut district for registering their conversion on October 1st and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) carried out a ‘hawan’ in their village  on October 2nd.

Baghpat District Magistrate Rishirendra Kumar said that family had been upset at the death of a member and “they (family members) were going to quietly bury him when a neighbor alerted the police and a postmortem examination was done. Later, the family claimed it was murder and filed an FIR through courts. The case is pending”.

Akhtar Ali claimed that body of his son Gulshan Ali was found hanging from a hanger in their shop.He added “It was obvious he had been murdered. He could not have died by hanging from a hanger. Unable to get justice, we decided to convert to Hinduism”.

Another family member said “We will not get any justice if we continue to be Muslims. It is some people from the Muslim community who killed Gulshan Ali, so this conversion is necessary”.

Advocate Prashant Patel alleged “20 Muslims from lower caste in Baghpat have converted to #Hinduism by giving affidavit to SDM after their one family member was killed by upper class Muslims & due to continuous persecution done by them”.

Source: Tribune India

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