2000 Pakistani Websites hacked by Indian hackers and posted Independence Day message on it

The Independence Day celebration started with a bang. The hackers attacked websites of some key ministries on the day the country celebrated its 70th Independence Day hacked several websites. Nearly 2000 government websites and posted Indian flag and Indian anthem, officials.

An official of the Ministry of Information Technology said the attack was carried out by a group calling themselves “LuluSec India”. The hackers posted pro-India material on the web pages of hacked websites

The sites hacked included Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Climate change, Ministry of Inter-provincial coordination, Ministry of Water and Power, Ministry of Information Technology and others.

The websites were non-functional for several hours and as usual, the Pakistani government didn’t respond to this.

Few days ago a group had hacked Pakistani government websites and had displayed Indian’s Independence Day message on it.

There has been an ongoing tussle between the hackers of both countries. News continues to surface regarding either Pakistani hackers hacking Indian websites or Indian hackers defacing Pakistani websites. These hackers often times leave a trace with their pseudo hacking names and publish patriotic material on these websites.

Pakistani Website Dawn reported that, In place of the homepages of the compromised websites, users were shown a black screen with “Hacked by LulzSec India” and “Happy Independence Day – 15 August” written over them.

A Digital news of Pakistan media named “ProPakistani” reported that a single group is responsible for all the hacking attacks.

Nishika Ram