2019 Lok Sabha Battle! Superstar Rajnikanth dumps “Grand Alliance” and backs PM Modi led BJP

The fear of the grand alliance has come true after the superstar Rajnikanth openly took a stand in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Partry (BJP) and said that PM Modi is the strongest when compared to the combined opposition.

On November 12th speaking on whether PM Modi led BJP is dangerous for the democratic fiber of India, superstar Rajniknat said “My answer was if the opposition parties are seeing the BJP as a dangerous party, then for them (opposition parties), the BJP is a dangerous party. It is for the people to decide. Who is powerful? If 10 people are ganging up against one? Imagine who is powerful? You can decide”.

The above statement of Rajnikanth in Chennai seemed like a coded message and few claimed that the superstar would embrace the grand alliance ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But exactly a day after this statement was made, the speculation of everyone was toppled as Rajnikanth openly backed PM Modi and called him the strongest leader.

Yes, actor turned politician said that 10 opposition parties have teamed up to attack against the BJP and this makes it clear that the side which is fighting alone is the strongest. Thus, he made it clear that he is with PM Modi.

“I am yet to enter politics fully and so I cannot give my personal opinion. If 10 people join to fight one person (Modi), who is more powerful…is those 10 or that one person? You decide for yourself. That one must be strongest, so ten people are ganging up against him”, this was his exact words.

Now this statement has created storm in the political arena because if Rajnikanth joins hands with the Bharatiya Janata Party, then under the leadership of Rajnikanth, BJP could sweep South Indian states. Especially Tamil Nadu and the regions that share borders with Tamil Nadu. This will compensate for the minor losses that BJP might incur in Hindi speaking states.

Source: Times Now News

Hansika Raj