2019 Lok Sabha Elections: It’s BJP’s ‘Make In India’ Versus Congress party’s ‘Breaking India’!

Well well, BJP has set out an amazing attack on Congress with arrows of words during a news briefing following the National Executive Meeting. In an interesting talk-over, the BJP accused the Congress being responsible of breaking the country, while lauding about PM Narendra Modi-led NDA government’s ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’.

The opposition will take a little while digesting these open attacks from the most loved party members, but it is forced to swallow it without an option. As they say, when you can dare to do it, you can dare to bare it as well !! A thought well said, that suits the Grand Old Party.

“BJP is doing ‘Make in India’ and Congress is doing ‘Breaking India’,” adding, “9 times we have spoken on NRC in our last National Executive meetings. We brought Citizenship bill in 2016. Many Islamic countries have cleared it and it’s not a problem there. But here, it didn’t get passed because of Congress’ hypocritical behaviour.”


Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the BJP won every election, in Tripura and Karnataka we got the largest numbers, “but even after this, the Opposition showed its frustration in the Parliament through no-confidence motion”.

While it criticized the Opposition for being in denial even after losing the no-confidence motion, said, “The Prime Minister accepted the challenge of no confidence without any thought and we won. But, when they lost, they were in denial mode and said that they were never doubted BJP’s numbers.”


P Chidambaram needs to watch out now as he is openly challenged by the BJP for a debate with facts and figures. No Scam will be shut under this rule of PM Narendra Modi & his dedicated team, without proper proof and witness. It is no more Dynasty rule in India.

“We have achieved the position of 6th largest economy rank leaving France behind. The party president said that you should challenge P Chidambaram and company to come for a debate, but with facts and figure,”said Nirmala Sitharaman.


The present on-going trend of Mahagathbandhan is a talk of the town. BJP national president Amit Shah calls the Opposition’s ‘mahagathbandhan’ a dhakosla (farce). And the answer that came from the BJP President is a must to be heard:

“The party president calls it eye wash, illusion,and based on falsehood. He also said those with mahagathbandhan have already been defeated by the BJP. Mahagatbandhan is nothing which is going to make any difference. The party president also says that clear message should go to people that we don’t care about this mahagathbandhan,” said the Union Defence Minister.


Coming to the Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019, it is going to be a tough but an interesting fight between the two parties and definitely a worth watch for all those interested in Nations Goddwill. Though BJP and its leaders are not worried about Congress and its dirty games,detailing BJP’s strategy for upcoming state assembly elections and 2019 General Assembly Elections, the union minister said:

“We will work in Bengal, Odisha, Telangana, where we are in second position. There’s anti-incumbency factor in these states, we will fight with our full force there. In Mizoram we will do sammelan with 10000 karyakartas. We will also fight in Andhra,” said Sitharaman.

As it was shared earlier, Amit Shah has given out clear instructions to “tell all workers to tell public about BJP’s performance and work done from 2014 to 2019 – that will be our agenda,” adding, “we will come back in 2019 with increased number.” Undoubtedly these statements came with total positive confidence and will-power, unlike the Dynasty Congress that believes in over confidence.

Source: Republic World



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