2019 Lok Sabha Elections: It’s our 48 Months Vs 48 Years of Congress, says PM Modi


It seems like BJP and its leaders are towards a mission of leaving no stone unturned to attack Congress with their Power of words. PM Narendra Modi’s address at the National Executive Meeting proves this right and it was indeed a powerful Punch on the face of the opposition. PM Modi gave out two powerful slogans – “Ajay Bharat and Atal Bhajpa,” paying his tribute to the former Prime Minister, late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

During the speech, PM Modi set the tone for 2019 General Assembly elections with full swing and made sure he kept his point before the audience like he always does.

Making it clear to the opposition, PM Modi said that the BJP is not hungry for power as it is working for people. He said that “BJP is not arrogant and that power is an instrument of change for us.” Unlike the Dynasty Congress which is greedy for power and definitely not willing for the nation’s welfare.

“We don’t seek power only to sit on chair. But, we see power to go and work for the people and to empower them. We don’t see any challenge in reference to 2019 elections,” said the Prime Minister.

It’s no excuse time for Congress and its unending scams. Making it a clear cut warning & launching an uncompromising attack on the Congress, the Prime Minister said that the NDA’s 48 months trumps over the 48 years of Congress.

“Those who were failure in government were also a failure as opposition. The Congress worked for 48 years, and we worked for 48 months. If they will ask question, we will also ask firm questions. They always lie in front of people. But, we will fight with dignity against falsehood and lie. With facts, we will expose their lies,” he added.

“Those people who won’t see each other and can’t walk with each other, they are forced to hug each other and this happened because of BJP’s success,” said PM Modi.

Right after the year 2014, when PM Modi took his oath as the PM of India, it was a caution for Congress that its bad days is on its way. Gradually, Indians have agreed that Congress its not worth handling the nation. While speaking about the dissent within the Mahagathbandhan and the lack of leadership, the PM said, “No one is ready to accept the Congress and there are many parties who are accepting that the Congress is not capable.”

“The Mahagathbandhan doesn’t have any leader nor any police and we have a leader, party workers’ support and people’s faith,” he added. He rightly used three terms to describe the Mahagathbandhan – “Netritva ka thikana nahi (lack of leadership), neeti aspasht (unclear policy) and neeyat bhrasht (corrupt intention).”

BJP wants “development and equality with humanity.”- specified the PM giving out his message to the BJP volunteers to accordingly work and fulfill the motive behind the slogan. While speaking about 2019 elections, talked about the need to win in every polling booth and also emphasized on social media campaigning stressing over what has drastically changed over just 48 months, that couldn’t be changed in 48 years( or rather never tried to be changed)??

Source: Republic World

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