203 “liberal-secular” gang filed mercy petition for terrorist Ajmal Kasab, how many spoke for kulbushan Jadhav?

Probably India is one country where you find the maximum number of backstabbers and traitors like in no other country, you find such people who show more concern and care about terrorists and criminals who have killed our own people in the name of Jihad and Islam.

Since Independence, there is a section of people who were breed by the so called secular parties of the country who call themselves elite class or human rights activists and are well known for their pseudo secular acts in saving criminals, terrorists and anti national element in the name of freedom of speech. These are the same people who receive massive funding from foreign NGOs and anti national organisations who run a parallel society to protect criminals. The speciality of these groups is that they are active only certain seasons and especially when a country acts tough on terrorists, Naxals and Maoists but maintain criminal silence when our army jawans are attacked or killed.

This is the same group which went to the President of India filing mercy petition for a hard core terrorist Ajmal Kasab who killed hundreds of innocents during 26/11 Mumbai attack. They are the same people who wanted ban on capital punishment for another terrorist Afzal Guru, the mastermind of 2001 Parliament attack. More than 200 people had signed mercy petition for Ajmal Kasab. Anyone will be surprised to see the names of these people who were not just part of the government during the Congress rule, but close aides of Sonia Gandhi.


Yes, most of these people who fought for Ajmal Kasab were close aide of Sonia Gandhi. here are some prominent people who signed mercy petition for Ajmal Kasab who were the working/former members of NAC (National Advisory Council) which was set by Sonia Gandhi to advise the Prime Minister of India. Sonia Gandhi served as its Chairperson for much of the tenure of the UPA.

Aruna Roy – Activist, Former NAC member.

Nikhil Dey- Activists, Close aide of Aruna Roy.

Harsh Mander- Social activist, NAC member.

Aakar Patel- Director of Amensty International, India, Human rights activists.

Nandita Das-  Actress

Sankar Sen- IPS, Retd Director, National Police Academy; DG (Investigations, NHRC)

Dr. Walter Fernandes – North Eastern Social Research Centre.

Richa Minocha – Member Secretary, Jan Abhiyan Sanstha, Himachal Pradesh

Rimple Mehta- JU-SYLFF Doctoral Fellow, Jadavpur University (Same university where anti National slogans were chanted)

Javed Iqbal- Journalist

These are some of the prominent people among the 203 people who signed mercy petition for terrorist Ajmal Kasab. For full list visit https://ratthes.blogspot.in/2013/02/list-of-people-who-signed-ajmal-kasabs.html

Now, how many of these people have spoken a word against Kulbushan Jadhav’s death sentence? How many have written to the International Human Rights Association about the ill treatment and torture faced by Kulbushan. Did they speak a word against Pakistan’s shameless treatment to Kulbushan’s mother and wife? But these people call themselves Indians and human rights activists. It is more appropriate to call themselves Terror rights activists than human rights activists as they fight only for criminals and terrorists.

It is well known how these people came in open support of Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and those chanted anti Indian slogans. These people dared to call Indian army as murderers and rapists but not a word of protest was raised. They people get direct support from parties like Congress and left who dare to call surgical strike against Pakistan a gimmick of Indian army. Congress ally SP leader Naresh Agarwal supported Pakistan’s stand on Kulbushan Jadhav calling him a terrorist.

So, it is people who have got to decide whether such people should be called secular and liberal!

Aishwarya S







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