21 AAP MLAs suspended, 22nd MLA goes to Jail, this is Arvind Kejriwal’s government condition in Delhi!

If India has to remember Arvind Kejriwal and his party it will surely be for his endless dramas on streets and the endless MLAs going to jail. Probably AAP is the only party which has seen a maximum number of their MLAs getting suspended or going behind bars. In a span of two years, 13 AAP MLAs were booked on charges of rape, extortion, cheating, forgery to rioting.

The plight of Aam Aadmi Party started from day one they took over Delhi government, where Arvind Kejriwal was accused of misusing huge amount of funds donated to his NGO. After this, his party started to face endless scams, frauds and endless corruption charges which exposed the real face of these so-called ‘Aam’ MLAs. In 2016, one of his MLAs Sandeep Kumar was caught in a sex scandal which dented the image of AAP. He was arrested on rape charges and is still serving a jail term. Another MLA Somnath Bharathi was also accused of harassing his wife and hitting her with metal rods. AAP media cell in charge Ankit Lal also faced allegations of harassing his wife. Ankit Lal’s wife had also blamed Arvind Kejriwal and had called him a manipulator.

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All these cases made Kejriwal lose his credibility in politics and exposed his hidden face. People of Delhi completely lost hope with the Delhi CM. But without understanding the ground reality Kejriwal continued his theatrics blaming PM Modi for every issue. While Delhi faced worst epidemic last year, the Kejriwal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia were touring abroad for vacations neglecting the state. This caused extreme anger in people’s mind after which he lost Municipal polls miserably.

But the brazen attitude of Kejriwal did not stop there, and he went to the extent of hiring his MLAs for office of profit which was against the constitution. Delhi Activist and lawyer Prashanth Patel filed a case against all 21 MLAs who were holding office despite being MLAs which turned out to be a massive blow to Kejriwal. The election commission which found the case genuine dismissed all 21 MLAs.

Even after all this, Kejriwal seems to have not learnt any lessons and his goon MLAs have gone to the extent of assaulting the Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash. This incident happened yesterday when Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash had visited Delhi CM Kejriwal’s house where the discussions turned ugly and AAP MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Amanatullah Khan pounded on the Chief Secretary hitting and punching him on his face. But Kejriwal who was right there made no effort to stop the assault on Chief Secretary but remained a mute spectator.

This incident has once again proved that Kejriwal has failed to respect the constitutional positions of the country and the people who hold them. He has always followed dictatorial means of governance which was exposed by his own people in AAP.

Both the MLAs are now in jail and are to be produced to court today where they may be given to police custody. Although Amanatullah Khan went missing since yesterday, he has now surrendered to the police. Attacking a top bureaucrat of a state is no small issue and the most stringent action must be taken against these criminals for misusing power as they wish.

Kejriwal has proved that he has no moral rights to continue as the CM of Delhi, he has proved that he cannot handle democracy or administration but is fit to sit on streets and display his goonda acts and melodramatic acts for media. He should be held responsible for not stopping his MLAs from assaulting the Chief Secretary. Surely this episode will further dent Kejriwal’s image to an extent he cannot recover.

Aishwarya S