23 year old Hindu killed by slitting his throat by a Muslim family! The reason for this killing will shock you

“Intolerance and lynching” is going on increasing in India and the victims of this is none other than the Hindus. In a fresh case of intolerance and lynching, a 23 year old Hindu youth named Ankit Saxena was stabbed to death by the family of a girl with whom he was in love.

“After some time, a youth from our neighborhood came running to our house saying that Ankit was being beaten by a few people at the chowk on the main road. I rushed out and found the girl’s father and uncle kicking him as he lay on the ground”.

“I tried to stop them, but the girl’s mother pushed me to the footpath and kicked me on my chest. The family accused my son of abducting their daughter. I told them my son was innocent and that they could call the police to find out. I even asked them to search my house. They refused to listen and kept beating my son”.

This was how Ankit’s mother, Kamlesh narrated how her son was tortured by the family of Shehzadi. When Ankit Saxena’s mother was beaten up, he got up to save his mother. But the goons dragged Ankit Saxena and stabbed him twice on his ribs and slit open his throat.

“Ankit Saxena from Delhi was in relationship with Shehzadi & wanted to marry her. Girl’s family slit his throat. He was killed in front of his parents. They begged people to arrange a vehicle to hospital. He died in his mother’s lap. & Some justifying Barbaric act as Honor Killing”.

“He called for help while they were stabbing him and then fell unconscious. His mother tied her chunni on his throat to stop the blood flow and kept calling for help. But passersby, who had stopped to click photographs, did not help her. No one even called the police control room”. Yes, when Ankit Saxena was bleeding on the street of Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi, none came to the rescue of Ankit Saxena. Infact, his mother tried to save her son’s life using her “Chunni”, but was of no use.

At last, his mother Kamlesh managed to stop an e-rickshaw and take her son to a local hospital but the doctors declared him brought dead.

What did the girl say to the police?

“I was waiting for him at the Tagore Garden Metro station. He was on his way home to get his motorbike when someone informed me that he had been stabbed. My father and uncle have done all this”. This was the statement made by the girl, whose parents killed Ankit Saxena.

Ankit Saxena’s only mistake was that he loved a girl from another community and for this, he ended up losing his life. The police officer said that he arrested the culprits and have been sent to Tihar jail after being produced before a court. The girl’s brother, aged between 16 and 18, has been sent to a correction facility after being produced before a juvenile justice board. He also assured that the minor will be treated as an adult after requesting in the court of law.

This communal killing is now being tried to project as an “honor killing”!

Why is the MSM calling Ankit’s beheading by his Muslim gf’s family, an honour killing? He wasn’t killed by his own parents for loving a Muslim girl. In honour killings, you either kill your own child or both the lovers, in the name of saving honour. This was a communal killing.

Hansika Raj