Why did National Security Advisor Ajit Doval Convert to Muslim for 7 Years???

Ajit Doval is one person who has the capacity to send shivers to enemies! Not many people know about his adventurous life and posts he held. His life is no less than a thriller-mystery James Bond movie.

Ajit Doval basically is an economist, he graduated from University of Agra in 1967. His keen interest in politics and love our country made him to take up IPS training 1968 in Kerala cadre. After his training he was involved in handling anti-terror operations in the region of Punjab and Mizoram.

In 1980s when India was facing severe threat by insurgencies by the Mizoram National Front (MNF), Doval with his intelligent skills had infiltrated the underground of the Mizo National Agency and had weaned and won 6 out of 7 Laldenga”™s ( Mizo Politician) commanders and completely destroyed the Mizo National Front. He secretly had joined the Mizo National Army, inside the Chinese territory and passed information to the Indian army.

His unmatched skills and intelligence made him the chief negotiator during the Hijiack of flight IC-814 in Khandar. He was also the master mind behind the termination of all 15 hijackings that happened during 1971 -1999.

His biggest mission was during his stay in Pakistan as an undercover agent. He lived as Pakistani Muslim in Lahore for 7 years. He was assigned the most crucial task of spying the Pakistan Intelligence and ISI operations. He collected information about the Pakistani terrorists plans, reinforcements available, weapons and hideouts.

He was regarded as the James Bond of India  after he successfully returned from Pakistan. Ajit Doval negotiation tactics were so smart that in Kashmir he secretly got into the militant group of Kukkay Parey where he brainwashed many militants and turned them into MOLES of their own organization. He then completely neutralized the Anti-India organization which was responsible for killing hundreds of Indian Jawans.

He was the first person to be awarded with the Police Medal after just 6 years in office. He was also awarded the President Police Medal and the Kirti Chakra for his exemplary and meritorious service to the Nation.

He was appointed as the director of the Indian Intelligence Bureau and Operational Wing in the year 1995 where he served for 10 years. During his tenure, he founded the Multi Agency Centre (MAC) and Joint Task Force on Intelligence (JTFI).  He was known for his excellent analytical skills and meticulous planning. After his retirement in 2005, he founded the Vivekananda International Foundation which was a think tank dedicated for both for National security and spiritual orientation.

After Modi government took over, Ajit Doval was immediately appointed as the national Security advisor for the country. The NSA post is the most crucial and important of the bureaucracy to which the Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing report to….Most important decisions related to security, international relations and strategies are taken by the NSA chief.

Ajit Doval has been a very close associate of PM Modi and he personally accompanies Modi to all official foreign trips and meetings. He recently also played a crucial role in secure release of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in Iraq following the capture of Mosul by ISIS. Doval on a secret mission immediately flew to Iraq where he met some of the most influential people with his high level contacts which resulted in the immediate release of 45 nurses. The ISIS released all captives with no casualties.

Mynamar operation in 2015 is also said to be a master plan of Doval which resulted in the killing of over 50 terrorists.

It is also said that Ajit Doval played a strategic role behind the resignation of KP Oli who was hardcore left ideologist and posed serious threat to India. There are also many controversies about the role played by Mr Doval in the Sri-Lankan presidential elections last year in which Mahinda Rajapakse  lost badly Maithripala Sirisena.

The surgical strike in Pakistan couple days back, is another master plan by none other than Doval himself. He should be definitely applauded for his unmatched ability and intelligence.

Doval is no ordinary man, the data available about him is just 10% of what is real potential is. He is the most intelligent officer India has ever seen. His diplomatic and security master plans are considered to be one of the best. And this is exactly why all countries and especially Pakistan is seriously worried about his moves.

Aishwarya S**


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