25 families boycotted in a village of Karnataka; You will be shocked to know the name of the organisation who did this cruel act

Till date we had seen reports about one caste boycotting another. And in this game of boycotting, the victims were supported by the century old party, Indian national Congress. Fresh example is Saharangpur where our “Rahul Baba” waved his hand, clicked few pictures and again did the same in Madhya Pradesh and escaped to Italy. After all these hard work doesn’t he deserve a vacation to rejuvenate himself?

Congress has a very close relationship with scams and anti-social activities. It doesn’t have an able leader on whom the public can rely and trust on. So obviously public will vote for other parties. Need not mention which party they’ll vote.

Recently in the elections held in Gundlupet, Karnataka, 25 families had voted for BJP. Instead of respecting the opinion of the public, Congress gave a wonderful reward to them. Yes, it boycotted these families from public life.

These families were shocked and soon they approached the police station to lodge  a complaint. But instead of filing a complaint, the police further harassed these families. Many of these were collie workers and these were denied of work even in the surrounding villages. Those who owned petty shops went without business as no one went to their shop. The worst part is, their innocent kids were treated as untouchables in the village and their schools.

When none of their so called protectors paid heed, these approached media and expressed the pain they are undergoing. But these had to face the wrath of Congress goons. They attacked these families to shut their mouth.

Questions to Rahul Gandhi:

  • You claim that your party is against discrimination. Then what is this?
  • You played Holi in the blood of farmers in Saharangpur. Now are you set to do the same but with the blood of voters who cast their votes against your party?
  • If you get some time during your Italian trip, will you comment about this in National Media?

You cannot say that you are pro-poor or pro-farmers by wearing a torn Jubba in rallies. Come out of your luxury villa and try to sort out these discriminations. Ohh sorry! I forgot that everything happens on your orders. Insulting Army chief or boycotting people, the order comes from the Italian high command. So the nation doesn’t expect anything good from the Congress.

Once our nation had boycotted British goods to drive away the Britishers. But today a party which boasts of involving in freedom struggle boycotted its own people. Tragedy for the world’s largest democracy.

Source: Public TV

Rajat Bhandary