25 victims of mob lynching in 2012 during UPA rule but ‘Award Wapsi’ gang was sleeping!

Journalists are going berserk over the recent lynching of Junaid Khan. The Narendra Modi government is being targeted for spreading hatred against the minorities, and the country is being labelled ‘lynchistan’. The lynching is and should be strictly condemned.But the motive of this article isn’t to discuss the lynching, but to talk about the glaring hypocrisy of the media.

It is correct that the media picks up such heinous acts as it pressurizes the establishment to ensure quick justice for the victims. But the question is – why was our media silent on lynching’s that took place before Narendra Modi came to power? If one follows Indian media closely, it appears as if lynching’s have begun only since 2014.

It is our duty to present the reality to the public. Following are the details of the lynching’s that took place across the country during 2012 when the Congress was at the centre along with the links to each unfortunate incident –

In a single year, 25 people were lynched. But was there ever any outrage by the media or liberals or the so called ‘intellectuals’? Not at all. Any award wapsi or rants of intolerance? None whatsoever.

These numbers may have shocked you, but this isn’t the end of the story. Following are details of mob violence/attempted lynching’s during the same year under the UPA rule –

If actual lynching’s weren’t duly highlighted by the media, there obviously stood no chance for the same media to report lynching attempts.

The overall security situation internally and with regards to external threats was much more alarming during UPA’s rule. Let alone China, but even Pakistan regularly glared at India while our previous prime minister used to run to the US pleading for help.

Terrorist attacks in major cities in the country were common. Maoists weren’t countered militarily despite unprecedented attacks on our soldiers. Riots occurred frequently as well. In a nutshell, the security of the country and the people stood on weak ground when UPA was in power.

Only a lunatic would argue that both the internal and external security of the nation hasn’t improved in the three years that Narendra Modi has been in power. Yet, the media is hell-bent on presenting a feeble security picture under Prime Minister Modi. In furthering this agenda of theirs, all they’re doing is defaming India.

Vinayak Jain