2G scam: Sonia Gandhi’s key aide was appointed in Manmohan Singh’s office, was he the man who mislead Prime Minister?

Yesterday’s 2G verdict lead to massive debate over the 2G spectrum case where many lawyers argued that the judgement was absurd and failed to note the observations made by the Supreme Court. It was a big disappointment for those who spent years unearthing this scam and gave all time to collect evidence amidst a strong ecosystem which protected the corrupts.

But after 10 years of constant struggle and fight, the only thing we realised was that the corrupts and the corrupt ecosystem was more strong in India. The Congress which was very happy with the verdict was in celebration mode and demanded apology from the Prime Minister and ex-CAG Vinod Rai who was mainly responsible for exposing the scam.

Although the court made a number of observations and blasted the prosecution saying they miserably failed to prove the charges, Congress failed to notice few observations of the verdict which clearly indicated that there were few men in the PMO who directly mislead then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and suppressed many facts about the scam.

Take a look at the court’s order


It says that A Raja had made it clear to then Prime Minister of his intentions to change the policy to the spectrum allocation, this was also confirmed by A Raja in his statement to the court who said that the PM was aware for every action taken by him.

So, the judge notices that it was not A Raja who hide the information, but a man called Pulok Chatterjee in consultation with T K A Nair, then Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister decided to hide few crucial facts from the Prime Minister and suppressed the letter written by A Raja to Prime Minister.

But big question is, was Pulok Chatterjee so powerful that he decided to suppress information from the Prime Minister and took a decision all by himself.

Who is Pulok Chatterjee?

You may not have heard his name very often, but he is one of the most close aide of Sonia Gandhi. His connection with the Gandhi family dates back to Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s time. He was first appointed as the District Majistrate by Sanjay Gandhi in the Sultanpur constituency which is now contested by Varun Gandhi and falls under Amethi.

He was later made the director of the Rajiv Gandhi foundation where he spent 6 years and worked as secretary to Sonia Gandhi between 1998 and 2004 when she was leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. He was appointed in the PMO in 2004 after Congress government came to power and was the trusted aide of Sonia Gandhi. According to Sanjaya Baru, who was the media advisor to PM Manmohan Singh in his book The Accidental Prime Minister — The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan states that Pulok Chatterjee was a messenger of Sonia Gandhi in the PMO. 

He says…“he had regular, almost daily, meetings with Sonia at which he was said to brief her on the key policy issues of the day and seek her instructions on important files to be cleared by the PM. Indeed, Pulok was the single most important point of regular contact between the PM and Sonia. He was also the PMO’s main point of contact with the National Advisory Council (NAC), a high-profile advisory body chaired by Sonia Gandhi,with social activists as members. It was sometimes dubbed the Shadow Cabinet.”

It is said that Manmohan Singh very well knew that Sonia Gandhi was running a parallel government and he allowed it to happen without a word of protest. So there are chances that Pulok Chatterjee may have taken the decision to give NOD to A Raja’s letter.

There is another point to be noted here….The judge although says that Prime Minister was misled, there is no confirmation that Manmohan Singh had not seen the letter.

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But the judge clearly blames the PMO saying “Had the PMO hinted not to proceed with the spectrum allocation and change in policy, the Department of Telecommunication would not have dared to continue the deal.” So the onus about the entire permission to proceed with the controversial spectrum allocation was on the PMO.

It is very unlikely that the Prime Minister had no idea about A Raja’s decision to change policy norms, because it is well known that Dr Swamy in the year 2008 had written series of letters to Manmohan Singh warning him of major scam being shaped in the DoT with the involvement few ministers and bureaucrats. But there was no action taken by Manmohan Singh which is exactly why Subramanian Swamy went to the Supreme Court in 2010.

Manmohan Singh saying he was unaware of A Raja’s letter, only shows the utter negligence from the part of the Prime Minister despite holding the highest constitutional position of the government. If not he should explain how an official in the PMO took decision bypassing him which is even more damning! Did Manmohan Singh remain quiet because Pulok Chatterjee was Sonia Gandhi’s aide????

Aishwarya S