30 deaths in 5 days!!! This is how Karnataka Congress govt is playing with the lives of people

“There occurred 30 deaths in 5 days”!!

Who is responsible for this??

Doctors and hospitals are not responsible but Siddaramaiah; Chief Minister of Karnataka is the reason behind this!!

What actually led to this protest?

About 22,000 doctors across 600 private hospitals launched an indefinite strike and demanded that the government drop at least four contentious proposals in the Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill, 2017

The Karnataka government stared at a crisis on Thursday after 22,000 doctors across 600 private hospitals launched an indefinite strike against some provisions of the Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill.

They demanded that the Siddaramaiah government drop at least four contentious proposals in the bill.

Ramesh Kumar, Karnataka Health Minister got this Amendment.(KPME ACT)

“Given the discussions that we had with CM Siddaramaiah, we are clear he is going to take an appropriate and responsible decision,” Dr Jayanna, president of Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association, said on Thursday.

Statement by CM Siddaramaiah:

Seeking to douse the situation and placate the agitating doctors, the CM said he would soon convene a meeting. “I will call them and discuss the matter,” ANI quoted Siddaramaiah as saying.

The Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill, 2017, was passed with the aim of regulating private sector medical establishments and prescribes fixed prices for treatment and makes those doctors who charge excess fees, liable for stringent punishment.

Consequences led:

There occurred 30 deaths during this past 4 days of protest. The loss suffered by the families cannot be paid back.

Why are the intellectuals and the humanity kind people not questioning this issue?
In Orissa, a man’s wife died due to illness and he had no money to do her last riots. And he carried her dead body on his shoulders. The picture was all over posted in Orissa.

Why isn’t this being questioned in Karnataka? Why cannot this be stopped by the state government??

Every issue and incident happening in the nation is related to Prime Minister Modi and he was blamed for every death in the country at the time of Demonetization. Now is the state government willing to take the responsibility of these 30 deaths in Karnataka??

Why is there no answer to these deaths of innocent people who helplessly died due to lack of treatment??

Has their humanity died along with the dead bodies??

The very next question arising after these arguments is we pay a tax of millions of rupees to the government, why can’t they use this amount in order get facilities in the government hospitals?

People belonging to middle-class and the lower-class will never step into private hospitals if the government hospitals provide facilities up to the mark.
The state government which has been unsuccessful in running the government hospitals are now preparing to control the private hospitals.

Karnataka private doctors go on indefinite strike, demand changes to medical bill

Shiki Shetty


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