35,000 crores irregularities during Siddaramaiah’s government in Karnataka : CAG report!

The congress government under Siddaramaiah was considered as one of the most corrupt government’s which followed the foot steps of their master in 10 Janpath. The biggest highlight of Siddaramaiah government was the unprecedented intolerance against honest officials in government, murder of innocent officers, killings of RSS/BJP karyakarthas like never before and taking the minority appeasement to next level and massive corruptions.

But the great media people who are well known to be Congress friends covered up most of the corruption and protected Siddaramaiah in every way possible. Though Karnataka saw one some of the worst communal clashes which happened due to appeasement politics and corruption,  the media never cared to highlight.

But the message of Karnataka 2018 elections was clear that people rejected the Congress government. But the JDS and Congress to grab power made a backdoor entry and are giving a zero accountable governance which has made Karnataka a law less state.

The level of corruption which the Congress indulged in is ow clear with CAG report which has shown how Siddaraiamaiah government was indulged in misappropriation of public funds. The CAG observations made in 2016-17, shows “there was a 19% mismatch in the state’s receipts and expenditure, which translates into Rs 35,000 crore of public money that is unaccounted for”.

This news was made public by BJP MLC N Ravikumar in a news conference, he who released the data of the CAG report demanded action against Siddaramaiah and said,  “Chief Minister Kumaraswamy tabled the CAG report. We now urge him to act against his predecessor Siddaramaiah for the irregularities,” he said.

He said that the CAG had flagged irregularities in purchase of uniforms for schoolchildren, procurement of laptops, filling up of lakes among other things. “We demand that the CAG report be debated once again,” he said.

The funny thing is, the same report was also highlighted by Kumaraswamy when he was in opposition, but now just because he is with Congress in coalition and behaves like a loyal soldier to the Gandhi family he has forgotten about the 36,000 crore irregularities he himself raised.

So, now the BJP is all set to raise this issue in the upcoming Belagavi session of the legislature and wants CM to answer the questions. The Cong-JDs government which is almost behaving like masters of looters will have lot to answer for their 6 months of governance.

Source:Deccan Herald

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