4 points that prove Media is scared of Yogi..

‘Honesty is a very expensive gift; don’t expect it from cheap people.’ Yogi Aditynath’s elevation to the top post in Uttar Pradesh raised many eyebrows. Irrelevant questions were asked & even his ‘saffron attire’ was targeted by news brokers. The liberals & the seculars were in no mood to ‘forgive’ the Prime Minister. Negativity sells in India & for long the news-less channels have capitalised on it. They tried to create a fear among the minorities. But after they found out that a lot of Muslims were happy with Yogi, it was a complete lose-your-nose situation for them. The most common factor that one gets to see is that these TRP deprived channels team up to defame a person. They go all out in their approach until they are hammered by the viewer. The coming together of channels (probably the unofficial Mahagathbandhan of fake news channels) confirms one thing. They all are scared of Yogi.

Let’s recall what the media tried & failed at. Here are 4 points to confirm the fear of the Paid Media.

The ‘Asli Naam’ Issue

After media reports were confirmed that Yogi Adityanath would be sworn in as the next CM of UP, general knowledge questions were asked. “What is Yogi’s real name?” The media wanted the common man to know that BJP had played the caste card to perfection. They claimed that Yogi was a Thakur. The move was another epic failure, as most of Yogi’s followers are from the Dalit & Yadav communities. The BJP had actually played the development card. But some losers never understand. Dare them to report Sonia Gandhi’s real name.

The ‘Democratic’ Issue

Yogi came up with the brilliant concept of setting up anti-Romeo squads to curb the menace of eve-teasing. The decision was taken within a few days of being given the CM’s post. This was underwhelming for the pseudo-seculars. They projected the anti-Romeo squads as the endorsers of ‘Hindutva’. A few reports even suggested that these squads were set up against Love Jihad.  The media was always quick to report the minute-rape ratio. But when a drastic step was taken in this regard, they were not ready to present the real picture. Some of them even claimed that the squads are against the democratic system.

The 1200 Crore loss to India Issue

The Yogi Government banned all illegal slaughter houses in the state. The media carried a new story this time. The ban had caused a loss of Rs 1200 crore to the national exchequer. Some were even worried about the Tunday kababi. This was no argument by any means. How can illegal establishments contribute to the national income? Why was Nitish’s ban on alcohol not questioned? Isn’t that a loss of income too? Flesh trade & trafficking issues also help goons to make money. So, do we sit back and promote them. Anything that hurts the nation or the Common Hindu sentiment is unacceptable. Period!

The Poor Tiger Issue

After the shutting down of all illegal slaughter houses, the media was now bothered about the national animal. Many of the journalists turned out to be nutritionists for the beast. The tigers don’t get anything to eat. If you do have a problem, please go and offer yourselves to the tiger. Tigers eat meat basically. They do not differentiate.

Tony Joseph