4 Years of Security and Development! This is how the Modi Govt has put an end to Terrorism and Naxalism

When the Bharatiya Janata Party was fighting the General Election-2014, the issue of national security was the most important during the election campaign. In the election manifesto, the words of ‘zero tolerance’ on terrorism were clearly stated. Narendra Modi, who had become the face of the Prime Minister on behalf of the BJP, had emphasized this in almost his every speech.

The Home Ministry was handed over to veteran and balanced leader Rajnath Singh. And the results are stunning as well as encouraging on this front. Modi Government has dealt strictly with it. It’s beyond doubt that during the last four years terrorism on India’s borders has been reduced to a larger extent. Due to better intelligence, coordination and action, there was no bomb blast in 2017, almost after a decade. (Outlook)

Modi Government has also notable achievements in the North-Eastern states in curbing terrorism. A large number of terrorists were also killed in Kashmir. But the most influential and lasting success was achieved by demolishing left-wing extremism (LWE), which is also known as Naxal terrorism or Naxalism.

The NDA Government adopted a comprehensive national policy and action plan to deal with Left-wing Extremism. This multi-pronged strategy focuses on security concerns, development interventions and ensuring the rights of local communities in the LWE affected areas.

The Government also launched  ‘SAMADHAN’ strategy. Under this strategy, S means SMART LEADERSHIP, A stands for Aggressive Strategy, M means Motivation and Training, A stands for Actionable Intelligence, D means Dashboard Based Key Result Area, H stands for Harnessing Technology, A means action plan for each theater and N mean no access to financing. The implementation of this strategy has been very encouraging. In the past four years, the LWE scenario has improved significantly.

Compared to 2013, deaths related to incidents of violence in 2017 have seen a significant decrease of 34%.The geographic spread of LWE violence has decreased from 76 districts in 2013 to just 58 districts in 2017. These influential results were the result of multilateralism, with emphasis on development and security of LWE affected areas. Due to various development projects, a significant reduction in Naxalite terrorism has been achieved. These projects range from road construction to education and skill development.

NDA Government has approved road connectivity scheme for construction of 5412 km roads and 126 bridges etc. at 44 LWE affected districts costing 11,725 crore. Ministry of Rural Development has made remarkable progress on this project.

For better air connectivity, the airport will start soon in Maoist-affected Jagdalpur. The railway line in Hajipur-Sugauli,  Giridih-Koderma,  Deoghar-Sultanganj is near to completion. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Resources is running several solar parks, solar lights and solar pump schemes to provide low-cost energy to LWE affected states.

Under the skill development program by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in LWE affected districts, 15 ITIs and 43 SDCs have been opened. Under the academic initiative, eight new Kendriya Vidyalayas and five new Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas have been sanctioned in most LWE affected districts, which did not have any KVs / JNV till now.

The Department of Telecommunications has worked on mobile towers to ensure communication system in LWE areas. A total of 2329 mobile towers have been installed.

Apart from these developmental remedies, the NDA Government has approved special central assistance for 35 most LWE affected districts. This plan will continue for 3 years from 2017-18 to 2019-20, in which the total expenditure will be Rs 3,000 crore. In the coming years, these districts can be expected to eradicate the Naxalite terrorism.

The Niti Aayog has initiated an initiative for rapid changes of the backward 115 districts, including 10 districts of Chhattisgarh. Though law and order are the subjects of the state, the central government has enforced security related expenditure (SRE) scheme for surrendering and rehabilitation of Naxal workers. The surrendered Maoists will also be trained in business which they have interest in and they will be paid monthly Rs. 6000 for three years. Apart from this, incentives are also given for surrendering of arms/ammunition under the scheme.

The effective outcome against Naxalite terrorism is the result of this multilateral approach of the Central Government. To implement such a successful strategy, credit should be given to leadership and effective governance. Pre-prevention and progressive measures are not always visible or heard, but their effects are permanent.

In the last four years, the internal security has strengthened putting an effective stop to Leftist Extremism. It’s the effort of PM Modi Government which has adopted zero tolerance towards terrorism.

Source : Outlook