45% of Muslims are voting for BJP in the Gujarat election!!! Satta Bazaar

Bookies never make mistakes!!!

  • Bookies are betting 1:2.15 for Congress to win 80 seats. Simply put for every Re. satta bazaar bokie will give Rs.2.15 if Congress gets 80 seats.
  • Stata bazaar is widely followed because they are always right in Indian elections. This clearly indicates that Congress may find a bit difficult even to get 80 seats.
  • A bookie feels that Modi who is going to address 50 odd rallies, is going to turn the tide in favor of BJP.
  • Noone in satta bazaar feels Hardik Patel, the poster boy of Patidars, will be a decisive factor.
  • They feel 45% of Muslims are voting BJP in all elections in Gujarat. This trend they expect to continue since Congress has not done anything to consolidate this section among the community leaders.
  • Modi is Gujarat Asmita. People of Gujarat will never dump Modi. Irrespective of castes they vote BJP.
  • All the Poll Surveys that have been published give BJP the lead. BJP may slightly improve its performance of 2012.
  • This clearly indicates that BJP is sure to win 2017 assembly elections. Hence BJP is sure to make to Gujarat with a renewed mandate to rule for another term.

Hardik Patel losing his charm!!!

People from the Patidar community has realized the double games of this man and his key supporters have joined BJP.

Kejriwal’s AAP and other parties are Lilliputs!!!

With AAP, NCP and JVP in fray for Gujarat the chances of BJP increases as every single vote to these parties is one additional vote to BJP.

Traders are with BJP!!!

India has recently improved its ranking in doing business which is the reason why the business community of Gujarat will put its weight behind BJP.

California is Blue, Texas is red and Gujarat is Saffron!!! Says a Gujarati

Gujarat has been a stronghold for BJP. Since coming to power BJP has maintained more than 45% of vote share in every LS and state assembly election. It also has achieved 60% plus assembly seats since 1995. Also maintained this feat for continuously five state assembly election shows how much the party has hold on Gujarat.

Credits: Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan, Sonu Kumar and Malay Gameti


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