45 year old Advertisement of an MNC praising the Ancient Indian Mathematicians is going viral! Check the IT Giant’s name

Few Indian have a tendency to mock our own royal heritage, culture and scientific inventions. Even before few of the western scientists found out the shape of the earth, hundreds of thousands of Indians knew how earth looked like. While the western scientists recently discovered the neighboring planets, ancient Indian scientists had discovered it even before the western world started to cover themselves with leaves.

But Indians never got credit. It was a well planned conspiracy and the modern Indians think that India didn’t discover anything other than “Zero”. But we Indians would be surprised to know that a distinguished MNC was praising some of the most renowned historic Indian mathematicians, that too in the year 1974 in its advertisements.

International Business Machines or popularly known as IBM explained “How India gave the world the logic of indeterminate equations” by naming three prominent historic mathematicians Aryabhata, Bhaskara and Brahmagupta.

The advertisement of IBM read:

  • History owes a debt to three Indian mathematicians of 1500 years ago who developed Algebra to give meaning to the meaningless. Bhaskara, who originated the radical signs. Brahmagupta, who created the symbols. Aryabhata, who worked out the first equations. A search that continues today in new directions with newer tools, among them, a machine that helps man in more ways than any other inventions in history: the computer. We are proud that IBM introduced the manufacturing of computers and other data processing equipment in India, which are helping the nation meet the challenge of building a new tomorrow.

Along with hailing Indian Mathematicians, the advertisement had contained “The Poetry of Algebra” that read “Out of a swarm of bees, one fifth settled on a blossom of Kadamba, one third on flower of Silindhiri, and three times the difference between these two numbers flew to the bloom of Kutaja. Only ten bees were left from the swarm. What was the number of bees in the swarm?”. This was from ancient Indian text on Algebra.

Hansika Raj


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