45,000 people converted to Christianity in one week by this man, He is now targeting Bengaluru!

When people complain about foreign funded NGOs and Christian missionaries involving in mass conversions in India, many liberals called it bluff and downplayed the issue. But today we can see how these so called pastors from foreign land came to India with an ill intention of mass conversion and try to dominate the country.

India is no new to Christian missionary conversion, our people have always been targeted by the west. This has only been increasing each passing day and turned out to be grave threat to Indians. One such conversion expert called Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is now targeting the silicon city Bengaluru for his conversion activities.

Yes, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is the founder of a missionary called El Rey Jesús, or the King Jesus Ministry, which is based in Florida, USA. Apostle Guillermo Maldonado claims that he has been give special powers by Jesus to convert the land into Christian faith. He spread Christianity through out the world luring people with a promise to solve their problems. He claims to have supernatural power and fools people to cure their problems and diseases.

This man is now coming to Bangalore with an ill intention of converting thousands of people. He has previously held many meetings in India, converting over 45,000 people in just a week.



But the shocking part is, how are these people getting VISA?! According to Indian VISA rules, no person in tourist VISA can ever indulge himself in conversion activities or hold meetings in the country. But this man has misguided the government of India and obtained VISA.

The RTI reply clearly states that any foreign person visiting India on tourist VISA can never hold any religious meeting or can indulge in conversion activities, which means the Pastor has violated all norms and is liable to be punished.

But the Karnataka government has happily provided him security and a helicopter to help him travel around Bangalore. If this is not appeasement then what is?!

Take a look at his bizarre conversion events conducted before in India!

Aishwarya S