The “4th bullet” secret documents related to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination hidden in Madhya Pradesh?

If anyone in India is asked “Who killed Mahatma Gandhi” without further thinking, one would say Nathuram Godse. Of course the whole set of events apparently showed that Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi.

Moreover Nathuram Godse himself had confessed in the court that he killed Mahatma Gandhi for his own reasons. But there were many speculation raised about Gandhi’s death since the turn of events made one believe that there was involvement of an anonymous person who played a major role in Gandhi’s assassination.

Subramanian Swamy, in the recent times was the first man to raise this issue and questioned the hidden documents to be brought out. He had earlier said that Nathuram Godse was just a scapegoat and the real murderers who played behind the scenes were roaming free.

Now, to our surprise, his words seems to be true as the TOI today published an article which shows the secret documents Subramanian Swamy was talking about has been really hidden in Madhya Pradesh. The reports shows clear evidence that Gandhi’s murder was not as simple as it looks and their is a huge conspiracy which was buried by Nehru government.

It all started when doubts emerged whether Gandhi was hit by 3 bullets or 4. Initially it was believed that Godse took 3 shots at Gandhi after which he collapsed and died. But according to Bhaisaheb and kaka who gave Gandhi bath after his death, discovered another bullet shot. In  their statement to the police, they said….”Almost 1 ‘o’ clock Bapu was brought inside to bath while taking him to bathroom, all started to cry. Bapu’s dhoti, shawl, handkerchief was completely covered with blood from clothes one bullet came out.” (This statement has also been mentioned in Manuben’s diary, she was Gandhi’s grand niece who was beside him during the assassination).

But unfortunately, the police carried no investigation on the mysterious 4th bullet and never investigated who fired it or from where did the bullet come!

Now, the documents found in Madhya Pradesh also points at same story about the mysterious 4th bullet. Originally, the gun which was used by Nathuram Godse was a tiny black Italian Beretta pistol. But this pistol did not belong to Godse, but was given to him by a man called Gangadhar Dandavate. Again Gangadhar Dandavate received this pistol from Jagdish Prasad Goel. But nobody knows the full trail of the pistol. The police who took up investigation did not show commitment and in later stages dropped the case midway.

Later the police found that the Beretta pistol belonged to a man called Dr Dattatraya Parchure of Gwalior. Surprisingly, this man owned another Beretta pistol which had a registration number 719791 and was strangely the same as a pistol owned by another Gwalior resident, Uday Chand, at the same time.

The one which Godse fired had a registration number 606824. But Dattatraya Parchure clarified that he had not given the second pistol to Godse. Both pistols were seized after the assassination of Gandhi.

The ballistic report said that the fourth bullet which was fired on Gandhi could not have been fired from the pistols recovered from Godse and Dattatraya Parchure. So, this showed their was an invisible hand which fired the 4th bullet on Gandhi.

The same point was raised by Dr Pankaj Phadnis, who was a Godse ‘s follower and had filed a PIL in Supreme Court requesting the court to investigate the 4th bullet in Gandhi’s body.

According to preliminary lab reports, the 4th bullet was said to be the reason for his death. And based on this Dr Pankaj Phadnis demanded fresh probe into Gandhi’s death. He claimed “most newspapers throughout the world” reported that four bullets were fired at Gandhiji and that the “fourth bullet has remained a mystery all along and stressed that it was the fourth bullet that took his life”.

But no postmortem was conducted, no investigation was conducted and the entire mystery was buried by few powerful politicians. Even today the 4th bullet remains a mystery but surely indicates a third man had definitely a role to play in Gandhi’s assassination.

Credit and Source: TOI


Aishwarya S


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