What is the 4th “Secret Deal” of Raj Thackeray with Karan Johar???

The Indian Army on Saturday gave a strong reply saying that it rejects the 5 crore compensation Raj Thackeray forced Karan Johar to donate to army fund.

Maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray had earlier threatened film producer Karan Johar that he won’t let the movie to be released in Mumbai as it casts Pakistani artists. Karan Johar who met Raj Thackeray to arrive at a compromise, was put forth 3 demands by Raj Thackeray…One is to play tribute video to Uri martyrs, to stop casting Pakistani artists in future and to donate Rs 5 crore to the Army Fund.

Although these demands look very convincing, Raj Thackeray seems to have played a big political DRAMA by using the name of Indian Army! The main reason people decided to boycott Karan Johar’s movie was because he casted a Pakistani actor who did not even have the courtesy to condemn the terrorists attack against India. People did not ask Raj Thackeray to support their movement nor did they ask him to find a compromise formula!

When Karan Johar had already buckled under pressure and said he will not cast any Pakistani artists in future, what is that Raj Thackeray achieved now??

Forcibly demanding Karan Johar to donate to Army fund?? This is nothing but pure blackmail. One should donate to army with complete ‘will’ not by ‘force’! The army is no TOY for politicians to use them for their political gains!

Can a man who threatens our own people from North India, really care for our soldiers?? Should we assume he demanded 5 crore only to Jawans from Maharashtra?? A person who cannot respect another Indian has no rights speaking about army, which considers every Indian equal!

The boycott call given by commoners was only to send a message that Bollywood is not above Country and Actors are not above Soldiers. The reason Karan Johar released video message was because he definitely realized the impact of the boycott movement. People had turned against all actors who spoke in favour of Pakistani artists but found no time to speak a word for our martyrs. It will prick every Indian to watch a Pakistani actor sing and dance when his terror country has brutally murdered our soldiers.

So who gave Raj Thackeray the rights to strike a deal on behalf of Indians? Who is he to permit anyone to release or not release the movie?? He has simply hijacked the entire cause to suit his agenda. Isn’t it obvious that Raj Thackeray would have demanded his share for the deal (The 4th deal)?? Should we fall in the trap of these politicians?! Remember actors are paid on basis of money made in Box Office, so if ADHM is successful, its Fawad Khan who will get Huge Bonanza!

When Pakistanis have put BLANKET BAN on all Indian channels why should we watch a movie of a Pakistani actor?? Don’t we have self respect?!

One should learn Patriotism from Japanese. When America bombed Japan, the Japanese did not speak a word against America instead they promised themselves that they will never buy a single product from America ….Today Japan exports products to America!

Isn’t this the true patriotism and love for country?!

Aishwarya S