5 Heart warming stories of Pakistani Citizens who had been to India; Read how Pakistanis are angry on Pakistan for hating India

Till date we had seen hatred towards India from Pakistanis. But when those Pakistanis crossed the border and come to India, they were awestruck to see the reality of Indian people. The hospitality that Indians offered irrespective of their nationality or religion cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Here are few stories of what Pakistanis witnessed in India.

A father on a quest to save his daughter

Abeeha had to undergo a second liver transplant as the first operation was not effective which was carried out in Saudi Arabia. So this time her parents chose Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Abeeha was a Pakistani resident and was studying in a school built by Sardar Chet Singh who came to India after partition. Sardar’s grandson Mr. Rattan Deep Singh Kohli had been to Pakistan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school and Abeeha met him then. So when Abeeha and family came to India, they directly approached Mr Rattan Deep. Abeeha was operated successfully on March 16, 2015 but the thirteen year old kid Abeeha passed away on May 7, 2015.

Abeeha’s father Imran and mother Sajjda had to return to Pakistan with their daughter’s dead body. But Imran didn’t forget to mention the love that he got from Indians. He said that an Indian soldier put a green cloth on his daughter’s dead body to protect her from the heat of the sun in the border. He was shattered at his daughter’s death but said that his daughter was meant to breath her last breathe in India.

He was a Hindu but he offered place to pray for a Pakistani

Another Pakistani recalls how kind hearted are Indians. Monie Ahsan had visited India in 2004 on a 1.5 months trip to his relatives place. He was on his return journey to Pakistan and had packed all his luggage and tied it with a rope on top of the Jeep. After few hours of journey it was almost nearing sunset and he and his relatives were damn thirsty and hungry and had nothing to eat as they were fasting and it was Ramzan period. Suddenly a guy approached them and invited them to his hotel. He said that ‘You guys must be Muslims, it’s time to break the fast and you probably don’t know much places in here’. He gave them food and place to offer the prayer but he didn’t agree to receive even a penny.

Monie Ahsan recalls that it was the best pineapple drink of his life. And most surprising thing was that he was a Hindu.

She left her home to find a home in India

Seemal Zaman of Pakistani lady loves India so much that she has visited India five times and the best part is that she doesn’t have any relatives in India. Still she finds love and affection in India. She says that entered an all new land of spirituality when she attend Golden temple. The inner piece which she gets in India is just eternal.

Hug of love from a police

Usman Qazi, a Pakistani had visited Punjab as it was his ancestral place. And he was surprised to see Indians “Athithi Devo Bhava” mindset. He never felt that he was away from his home. In the customs office, Usman got a warm hug from the Police ASI who treated them with milk and jalebis. They wanted to see the building in which his grandfather worked in Patiala. Although the ASI on duty refused to let them enter, they were treated to some local goodies as an apology.

Usman Qazi doesn’t forget to mention that India is the world’s best place to live in.

Lunch from another mother

Pervesh Maheshwari is a Pakistani studying in India. He says that he has lot to say about the goodness that is hidden in India but one thing is most cherished by him. He had a friend who always fought with him regarding cricket matches and would stop talking to Pervesh. But that girl would get scolding from her mother for doing it. Her mother even packed lunch to him on regular basis.


Here, all Pakistanis say one thing that Indians are really good and they don’t see which country you belong. In all the above instances, Indians never denied help saying that you are a Pakistani or an enemy of India. Pakistanis said that they had always hated Indians and never loved them. But the moment they set their feet on Indian soil they came to know that India is factory which generates love. They even said that Pakistani government and Pak media are one which manufacture fake news and create hate against Indians.

Meanwhile they deeply regret that they are unable to help the Indian brothers like how Indians help them. Pakistani people who witnessed the kind heart of Indians are waiting on the tip of their toe to help and serve the Indians.

Pakistani government or media’s will see that hate against India will never reduce in Pakistanis. But incidents like these have showed Pakistanis that how really are Indians. We, Indians hate Pakistani cricketers from the core when it comes to cricket match but no one can beat us in hospitality to the same enemies.

Days are not far away when Pakistanis realize what India really is. Hope Pakistan government realise this and send flowers instead of terrorists.

Nishika Ram