The 5 killed in Madhya Pradesh shooting were not farmers nor had land in their name!

The entire media created a hue cry spreading fake news that the police killed 5 farmers in the Madhya Pradesh shoot out. But now these media lobbies will be disappointed as the reports suggested that the people who were killed in police firing were not farmers nor did they have any land in their name.

According to the Times of India, One was a 19-year-old in Class XI who liked biology, the second an unemployed 23-year-old who had married two months ago and wanted to join the Army, the third a 30-year-old who worked as a daily wager, and the remaining two — a 22-year-old and a 44-year-old — who worked on family farm lands they didn’t own.

These people lived in few villages within 25km radius of the Mandsaur district. But they joined the protest for no reason and started attacking public and private properties during which the police opened fire to control the crowd.

Abhishek Dinesh Patidar : He was a Class XI who was fond of biology, he was the last and youngest son of the family. The family lives in Mandsaur-Neemuch highway in Barkheda Panth village. This boy got into the protest although he was no way concerned. He was hit by a bullet after which he died on the spot. The family members kept his body on the highway and protested against the police. When the collector reached the spot, the angry villagers attacked the collector and heckled him mercilessly, after which the police laticharged them to disperse the crowd.

Poonamchand alias Babloo Jagdish Patidar: Poonamchand was a BSc drop out, he quit his studies as he wanted to take care of his family. The family members said he had invested money to grow soyabean, garlic and wheat but could not gain the input costs. According to reports, the man was fighting for a family land which was still not given to him from his cousins and relatives. He joined the protest last week and got into a scuffle with few people said the sources. “We don’t know who will take care of the land because now only his young wife and and an ailing mother are left,’’ says relative Subhash Patidar.

Chainram Ganpat Patidar: Ganpat was from Nayakheda village. He got married on April 29 on Akshaya Tritiya. His father works as a farm labour. Ganpat wanted to join army as he was not able to earn money as labourer said his father. However, the family members said that he was rejected thrice in the army when he attended the recruitment camps in Mhow, Bhopal and Gwalior last year. His younger brother is studying in Class XII and now hopes to get a job from the Madhya Pradesh government as promised.

Satyanarayan Mangilal Dhangar: He was from a village called Lodh which is 20 Km from Mandsaur, he was a daily wage worker and earned Rs 200 everyday. He had only studied till class 7. The family said that he earned more than what agriculture could give us and he was the only one to bring money daily. The brother of Satyanarayan told, he never told he was going for protest, if I knew it before I would have stopped him from going there. He told someone that he just wanted to see the rally. I don’t know how he ended up there,’’ Raju says.

Kanhaiyalal Dhurilal Patidar: kanhaiyalal was from Chillod Pipliya. He was not a farmer, he has two kids 16 year old and 11 year old. The family said he was fearless and went to protest telling that police will not touch him as the rally was peaceful. But do not know where he got involved in the violence.

This confirms that these people were not even full time farmers, but simply got into the protest either for curiosity or just for the sake of fantasy. Initially the protest was peaceful, but the Congress workers infiltrated the crowd and started to attack police and damaged many public property. This was when the protest turned violent and police started laticharge and when the situation got out of control they fire 2-3 rounds of fire.

So now people should decide who were at loss! Did the farmers gain anything by getting provoked by Congress goons? Did the worries of the farmers get solved? Did they receive minimum support price? NO!!! Innocent people were attacked in the protest by goons, women children were looted in the name of protest, it caused massive loss to public property. Hundreds of vehicles were burnt…who will pay for this? who will incur loss for those people? Public property is for people and if we want to destroy that who will be at loss?

The only people who were benefited by this was Congress who hijacked a peaceful protest of farmers. Rahul Gandhi got few pictures with dead people and burning vehicle, got a thrilling ride on bike which he will proudly display in his hall of “FAME” (Shame) in Congress headquarters and call himself HERO. But these people who danced to the tune of Congress will go home with bruised head, hands and legs got by police laticharge.

Just for a few hundreds, jobless people get into these violent activities and lose their life!

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/madhya-pradesh-mandsaur-farmer-protest-police-firing-the-5-killed-none-had-land-to-his-name-or-a-regular-job-4695633/

Aishwarya S