5 rooms with bedroom & kitchen given to Sasikala by Government in Jail; Exclusive pictures with Postcard News

The privileges given to the Sasikala and gang have crossed all limits. The brave IPS officer who exposed perks given has been transferred by the Karnataka government. Today we are going to reveal exclusive pictures of the rooms allotted to Sasikala and gang exclusively on Postcard News.

Sasikala with her money power has converted the Bangalore Central Jail into her bungalow. Look at the above mentioned picture where the rooms allotted to Sasikala are evident. These are the rooms where she performed yoga, a private kitchen and so on.

In this picture are the gifts that she received from the guests who regularly visited her from Tamil Nadu. Few of these guests were even the sitting ministers of Tamil Nadu.

In the above pictures are the utensils used by Sasikala and gang for cooking. So if you have money, you can convert the jail into a 5 star hotel.

But instead of appreciating and supporting DIG Roopa, the government has punished with transfer order. Will the probe that is ordered be truthful? Well, time will only say this.

Team Postcard