50 years ago, Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji had warned Hinduism will perish if Hindus did this act

“If the humanity in the world need to be uplifted then at first Hinduism should be safeguarded. If Hinduism is not safe then it is confirm that humanity will collapse”. This was the warning given by Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamy over 50 years ago when he was inaugurating the state unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

He had also said “the freedom that the Indians got is not just limited to India but it is important for the entire world. Independent India has a great role in formulating the economy, political and religious future of the world.
Efforts should be taken to create more awareness among the Hindus of India”.

He also stressed that once the Indian Hindus will get united, then the work of inspiring the Hindus spread across the world will take place. He added that such a reformatory work is being carried out by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Speaking on the poverty in India, Swamiji had said that this is because the Hindus are taking less pride in their religion and are also going away from the religious life. “Prosperity and peace will remain till the Hindus across the world will follow their religion and live according to its principles. The day when the rejection of Hinduism starts, since then the life gets weakening and one will head towards collapsing. And to regain peace, one has to turn back to follow Hinduism”.

This statement was given by the Siddaganga swamy in the year 1967 and he had said “the only nation that harbors Hindu dharma is Hindustan. There are several nations in the world that harbors Islam. In the same way, there are several nations that supports Christianity. But Hindus have only India. That’s the reality”.

He added “If the pride on Hinduism reduces, then Hindus will perish. Hindus will be not found in the entire world if the pride on the religion decreases in India”.

This statement made by the Siddaganga seer over 50 years ago is still relevant looking at the situation of India. Meanwhile, this must be read even by few of the anti-Hindu media houses and politicians who are calling him a Lingayat seer, a tactic to divide Hindus.

Hansika Raj