51 girls sexually exploited in Madrassa rescued in Lucknow!

In a joint operation of the Uttar Pradesh police, 51 girls were rescued from a Madrassa in Lucknow. The madrassa is located on Campbell Road in Saadatganj in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This information was out yesterday when the police raided many Madrassas in Lucknow after receiving written complaint against few madrassas.

It is said that the manager of the Madrassa used these young girls as sex workers and made them dance for vulgar songs to entertain many visitors. The girls also complained of sexual assault by the visitors and were beaten for not performing.

The girls who were sexually exploited wrote about their plight in a piece of paper and threw it outside the window to the neighboring houses which was then picked up by some people and informed the police. 7 girls who wrote the letter said that they underwent brutal torture and rape attempt by Tayyab Zia, the manager of the Madrassa.

The madrassa had 126 girl students studying Islam, but when the raids were conducted there were only 52 girls said the police.

“A 15-year-old girl student of Gomtinagar in her written complaint has levelled charges of harassment, she had in her complaint also alleged that along with her seven other girl students were molested by Tayyab.” The police added that the madrassa was owned by Ashraf and he had lent it to Tayyab in 1990 for its maintenance. But Tayyab is said to have held captive of many girls and tried to use them for prostitution said the police.

This is not the first case where Madrassas were found to be exploiting girls. Many times before there were reports as to how Madrassas had sexually exploited girls and also turned into a place where Nikah Halala ceremonies are held. But most of the news go unreported as the main stream media tries to play safe game and do not want to highlight the misdoings of certain community. The so called secular parties on the other hand try to save such people in a bid to save their vote banks. Ultimately it is the hapless girls who become the victim of political games.

Aishwarya S


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