530 Stalled projects worth Rs. 20 Lakh crore gets green light from Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Project Monitoring Group (PMG) which works directly under the Prime Minister of India has cleared 276 old projects, which were stalled, worth Rs. 10 lakh crore in the last two years. There are another 258 key projects worth Rs. 10.86 lakh crore, which are stalled and will be cleared by the PMG in the next few months. Put together, a total of 534 projects worth Rs. 21 lakh crore (a whopping US$ 315.5 Billion) were stalled and pending since years – many of the projects pending since as long as 20 years. The PMG, under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has ensured that all these old projects are given a green light and completed on a time-bound basis.

Most of these 530 stalled projects were key infrastructure projects like railways, roads, national highways, power plants, coal and ports. These projects were stalled due to the lackadaisical and insensitive approach of previous central governments, red-tapism and corruption. Most of these projects were stalled since years on the pretext of land and environmental clearance issues, and no efforts were made by the previous governments to ensure that these projects see the light of the day. Out of these 534 projects, more than half of the projects are public projects, while the rest are projects which are to be completed on PPP (Public-Private Partnership) basis, or private projects.

The PMG under the PMO has expedited the clearance of these projects and is monitoring all the projects so that they are completed on a time-bound basis. The PMG has identified the problems and hurdles leading to the stalling of each of the projects individually and is clearing the stalled projects. Every month, the PMG holds 4-5 tripartite meetings with the District Collector of the districts where the projects belong to, and the investors (the respective Ministry or the state government or the private investor). Due to constant monitoring and 4-5 meetings every month, the projects are now progressing at a very fast pace.

The entire process of identifying hurdles and clearing the projects have been digitized and the states are immensely benefiting due to this, as the states can apply for the clearance of projects online. The digitization of clearance has ensured that no ministry or state government can hide why a clearance is pending beyond a stipulated time, thereby bringing the much needed transparency and accountability. These are in the public domain and can be accessed at the e-Nivesh portal of the PMG. The states which have immensely benefited from these projects are Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhatisgarh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Apart from this, for projects worth Rs. 1000 crore or less, 19 states have opened their online portal for filing and clearance of key projects.

The clearance and execution of these projects will give a much-needed, unprecedented boost to the infrastructure of the country. It will help in the creation of roads, railways, ports, increase the production of power, increase the production of minerals and coal. Put together, these projects combined has the potential to create millions of jobs in the next 5 years, giving a boost to the all-round development of the country.

It is almost impossible to think what India was going through and the lack of governance which led to more than 530 projects worth Rs. 21 lakh crore pending since decades. Successive governments were insensitive and neglected these key projects due to which infrastructure crumbled over the years. With Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi personally supervising the Project Monitoring Group with focus on these key projects, the projects have started to take off and will help in the growth of much needed infrastructure, industries and create jobs.

(Pic Courtesy : Economic Times)
(Pic Courtesy : Economic Times)

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