65 year old Yogi or 46 year Bhogi: Who Should Be The Icon of The Youth

A 65 years old man appealing youngsters is not very common in societies across the world. The generation gap will occur with such age differences which we can see even within families, where perspectives of the parents are not agreeable to the children in youthful stage. But he is the real “˜youth icon”™ not because he is one among the youth, but he is one who understands the aspirations of the youth! He is not a self proclaimed youth leader. Rather he is the leader celebrated by youth. This is reflected in the recent online survey “Youth of the Nation Poll” ““ the second edition, conducted among youth by Inshorts and Ipsos.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most desired Prime Minister for 2019 elections too. Seventy percent of the Indians, among those who voted, wish to see Sri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister even after 2019 elections. Among 63,141 users of Inshorts app who responded to the questions on bringing to power again in 2019, 70 percent voted in favour, 17 per cent in disfavour and 13 percent were still undecided. Among women who participated in the poll, 64 per cent voted in favour, 18 percent in disfavour and 18 percent were still undecided.
Liquor ban was another highlight of the survey. More than 57% of the participants favoured liquor in certain states. This shows that large majority of people are supporting liquor ban in states. Indian states like Gujarat, Nagaland, parts of Manipur and Kerala as well as Bihar and Union Territory of Lakshadweep have already banned liquor within their territories. This majority may definitely encourage other states also to take the same path, keeping the health as prior concern rather than large income to state exchequer through liquor sales.
After the incidents of several student political activities within the university campuses and the recent committee on National Education Policy also suggesting to stop student politics in educational institutions, the opinion on this issue from the public was well timed. 61 percent of the respondents have favoured banning student politics whereas 32 percent have said it should be continued and only 7 percent said cannot say. More interestingly, 54 percent of the students who voted in polls have said yes to banning of students politics.
The other issues that were asked in the survey include rise atrocities on Dalit and Minorities in last two years and government handling of protests in Kashmir. For the former issue, more than 46 percent have said a no and 33 percent have said yes and 49 percent have supported the government”™s way of handling the boiling in Kashmir whereas 24 percent have disapproved it.
Thus, the Modi government has got more favourable votes and support from the people of this country which shows its efficacy in delivery of services which will have to be taken to newer heights. It should be noted that the popularity of the Prime Minister among youth has not come from speeches but through the ways of transforming India.
Jai Hind

Akshara Damle
You can reach the author on Twitter @aksharadamle