684 ISRO scientists have lost their life in suspicious ways! Who is hunting them?! A story where truth is stranger than fiction!

India has witnessed strange incidents of death when it comes to the able minds and politicians. Be it Nethaji, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Homi Baba, Vikram Sarabhai….. The list is sadly, very long

What’s strangest is the phenomenon has not stopped yet. The mysterious disappearences, suicides, accidents which has resulted in loss of able scientists working in different field at ISRO and BARC!

On Tuesday, yet again A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), was found murdered in his apartment in Hyderabad.

56-year-old S Suresh Kumar, was allegedly murdered by unknown persons at his flat at Annapurna Apartment.

Suresh, a native of Kerala, was alone in his flat. When he did not report to the office on Tuesday, his colleagues called him on his mobile number. As there was no response, they alerted his wife Indira, who is a bank employee in Chennai.

The wife in turn got in touch with neighbours who checked on the house. When the found the house locked, the neighbours called in the police. On Tuesday afternoon, the police found Suresh’s dead body lying face down in the hall of his apartment.

Police suspect that he was hit on head with some heavy object resulting in his death. The body was shifted for autopsy.

Police are yet to determine motive for the murder.

Is it another case of stopping a progress which could benefit the country? Or is it a ploy to fail any mission currently undertaken by NRSC?! The questions are many.

National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) has the mandate for establishment of ground stations for receiving satellite data, generation of data products, dissemination to the users, development of techniques for remote sensing applications including disaster management support, geospatial services for good governance and capacity building for professionals, faculty and students.

Once police will be able to establish a motive things would be much clearer! Yet, the question keeps hanging right there, why ISRO and BARC scientists are meeting unnatural death?

One of the most complex fields of science is nuclear physics and it attracts the brightest minds in the country. The field is closely linked to the nation’s defence and is a matter of national security, it’s also shrouded in secrecy. It is surprising, though, the mysterious deaths of scientists working at some of the most highly guarded locations.

When Mumbai-based Right To Information activist Chetan Kothari tried to find out how many of ISRO’s employees had died in the last 15 years at the agency and its associate units, he was provided with a bureaucratic jargon.

Indian Space and Research Organisation, the principle space research agency of India, does not want to reveal the details about its employees’ deaths.

Although the agency replied that 684 persons had died in the last 15 years at ISRO and its associate units, it had withheld the cause of their deaths.

The figure of deaths at ISRO, excluding its headquarters, in the last 15 years is 387, while at its associate units of ISRO Telemetry, Tracking And Command Centre, Space Applications Centre and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and ISRO HQ the figure of dead employees was 297.

Kothari had demanded for an statistical figure on cause if death, respecting privacy he had not asked the names of the deceased to be revealed.

Last year, Kothari had obtained similar information from nuclear establishments and related organizations in which all of the government bodies had provided the cause of death.

The revelation then had been startling, as it showed that 197 employees had committed suicide across all the nuclear establishments and related institutes in the last 15 years, while 1733 had died of various illness.

Kothari suspects something really fishy. While Majority of the government agencies know the cause of their employee’s death, the ISRO claims that it has no idea how its employees died. Are they trying to hide something or is it just callousness.

To his query seeking information about satellite launches, the ISRO provided the list of 29 successful launches done at the cost of Rs 14,160 crore.

“The information provided only pertains to the successful launch of satellites. There is no mention of failed attempts,” said Kothari.

This figure becomes important because we need to know whether some invisible hand is behind these failures.

Kothari has now submitted an appeal before the Central Information Commission.

What’s worse in this case, is that these deaths end up being classified as suicides or as unexplained killings. Police investigations lead to nowhere and the cases are closed.

In case of Ravi Mule’s death, his family had raised the issue of conducting a probe because of police apathy, while Uma Rao’s family contested the police verdict of the death being a case of suicide.

Incidentally , one doesn’t find the cause of death mentioned as ‘due to atomic radiation’ against any of the deaths reported in these 15 years at these centres.

This raises some serious suspicion!

It is not a secret that CIA had been playing our government officials and politicians since long to control the advancements of our country in the field of defence and technology.

The framing of senior ISRO scientists working on the cryogenic project in a spy scandal by the Intelligence Bureau and the Kerala police in 1994 has already been debunked by the Supreme Court.

A section of the IB, acting on behalf of the CIA, concocted evidence and created witnesses to virtually derail ISRO’s cryogenic project at a point when India was on the verge of entering the international space market.

Many global interests would have been jeopardised as ISRO proposed to provide services for satellite launches at half the US rate.

So a section of the IB, working in hand with the Kerala police, came up with the sensational cock-and-bull story of a spy ring involving ISRO scientists, an inspector general of police and two Maldivian women.

Finally, it was left to the CBI to expose the entire CIA-sponsored plot. Nambi Narayanan’s career and reputation was jeopardized.

It is sad that some of our own are with the breaking India forces. A thorough investigation into these deaths are need of the time. When truth is stranger than fiction, it’s best to let the truth speak for itself.

Dr. Sindhu Prashanth


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