Same 7.65mm pistol used in Gauri Lankesh and M M Kalburgi’s murder, Check who manufactures these pistols!

The forensic department has today confirmed that the weapon used in Gauri Lankesh and M M Kalburgi’s murder was 7.65mm Indian made pistol. The forensic experts who verified the cartridges and bullets found at the site of murder said that the pistol used for firing was 7.65 mm which was the same in case of M M Kalburgi’s murder.

It is not just the two murders, but Govind Pansare and his wife Uma Pansarewho who were killed in Maharashtra also had been shot with same 7.65mm country made pistol. So we can assume that a common organisation which makes these country made pistols are supplying them to their people through out India.

Who manufactures illegal 7.65 mm pistols???

It was in the year 2014, the police along with CRPF personnel had conducted joint operation in Munger district of Bihar where they busted a large scale arms making factory. The police then had seized the 16 sophisticated automatic pistols of 7.65 mm, 70 magazines as well as a large number of gun-making tools from the arms unit.

This illegal factory was located in densely forested Sugaun Hills under Dharhara police station of the district. The police then confirmed that it was massive arms manufacturing unit of the NAXALS!

“This is the first time that an arms manufacturing unit being operated by the Naxals has been unearthed. The raid was conducted on the basis of intelligence inputs and ASP (Operations) Navin Kumar led the team. Special Task Force (STF) Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Alok and CRPF Deputy Commandant Rajkumar Raj were also part of it,” Munger Superintendent of Police (SP) Barun Kumar Sinha had reported PTI.

The police had confirmed that many naxals had escaped in the dark as the operation was conducted pre dawn hours and it almost became impossible to track them. The police has also confirmed that these weapons were being supplied to naxals in the other parts of the country.

“For us this is a major success because this arms manufacturing unit could have provided a continuous supply of weapons to the Naxals. It could have proved dangerous for the police as the seized pistols are highly sophisticated one,” reported Sinha.

The gun making machine used was said to be highly sophisticated and complicated and the finishing of the guns were so good and looked like the ones police use. The police said that they were not sure whether the Maoists and naxals themselves manufactured the guns or hired people to make them.

Now, one can connect the dots who manufactures these 7.65 mm pistols and who supplies them to whom! The naxals have a wide link in the entire country which makes it easy for them to supply weapons and ammunition for their activity. So, instead of making false accusation and blaming BJP when ever Naxal supporters are killed, the media should do some background work and analyse logically!!!

Aishwarya S