7 instances where India could have easily killed Dawood Ibrahim; Who aborted these covert operations?

Most of the terrorist attacks in India are linked with Dawood Ibrahim who was the main culprit who carried out the brutal act of 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts. But did you know that India had got several opportunities to kill Dawood Ibrahim. Let us have a look over the below mentioned points.

  1. Dawood wanted to surrender in 1994 but CBI denied it

Did anyone know that Dawood wanted to surrender after 15 months of Mumbai blast? Yes, gangster Dawood Ibrahim was ready to surrender and even spoke thrice to the then CBI DIG Neeraj Kumar but for some reason, the agency didn’t take him up on his offer.

These are the words of “I spoke to a jittery Dawood three times in June 1994… He seemed to be toying with the idea of surrendering but had one worry — his rival gangs could finish him off if he returned to India. I told him his safety would be the responsibility of the CBI”.

  1. In 1994, RAW decided to assassin Dawood in Karachi but Congress denied

If Dawood is alive, then the credit goes to Congress party. Because when a team was sent to assassin Dawood in Karachi, Congress government put the mission on hold.

RAW had decided to finish off the killer Dawood Ibrahim and had planned to enter Karachi and kill him at his palatial house in upmarket Clifton area close to the beach. The team of 4 specialised individuals were sent to Karachi with heavily armed weapons and explosives but all thanks to Congress who denied at the last moment.

  1. The plan to force Dawood’s aircraft to land in Mumbai was also cancelled in 1994.

Dawood regularly travelled in flight to Jeddah, Singapore and other destinations with was guarded by ISI. RAW agents had closely watched the moments of Dawood. Indian Air Force has planned a brave mission to force him land in Mumbai but again the government denied permission in 1994.

  1. India ignored South Africa’s plan to nab Dawood in 1994.

In 1994, South Africa handed over information of 18 passports with changed identity used by Dawood and also lent its help to trap Dawood. But it was again the Congress government that didn’t show any interest.

  1. India missed a golden opportunity at Dawood’s daughter’s marriage in 2005.

“Mr and Mrs Dawood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim have extended the invitation for the wedding ceremony of their beloved daughter with Junaid Miandad s/o Mr and Mrs Javed Miandad Insha Allah on Saturday, 23rd July 2005.”

Yes, in 2005 Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter was married to the son of former Pakistani cricket Jawed Miandad. Indian intelligence had news that Dawood will attend the marriage which will be held at UAE. But again the government didn’t permit.

Later it was said that he had attended that marriage. Yet again India lost a golden chance.

  1. In 2013, Congress could have killed Dawood like how US killed Osama bin Laden

USA had entered Pakistan and killed the Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in 2011. Dawood was declared as Global terrorist and in 2013 India’s then Home Minister also said that Dawood was in Pakistan. But India didn’t make any efforts to execute a combine operation to nab Dawood Ibrahim like Osama bin Laden.

  1. Who cancelled the Operation “Super boys”?

In September 2013, Indian commandos had entered Pakistan secretly to kill Dawood Ibrahim but again that mission was aborted. Nine agents were selected for this operation by RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and the team was given the code name ‘Super Boys’. The operatives were given passports of Sudan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

RAW had also sought active support from Israel’s Mossad and September 13 was chosen as the date of execution. As Dawood was living in Karachi at that time, he used to travel from his Clifton Road home to the Defence Housing Society every day.

‘The Super Boys’ decided to use this opportunity and a dargah on the way was chosen as the spot for execution. But the entire plan had to be aborted after a mysterious phone call came minutes before the execution. The Congress government was in power at that time and it is should answer for this.

Source: https://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/dawood-ibrahim-let-off/#.sei32anfa

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