70 lakh Indian Army cannot defeat Azadi gang in Kashmir: Arundhati Roy gives statement to Pakistani newspaper!

If it was any other country, people like Arundhati Roy would have probably been in Jail by now serving life term, but since she is in India, she is happily ranting against our country and supporting terrorists in Pakistan.

This lady who calls herself a journalist and Human Rights Activist has been standing for terrorists since decades. Recently she has given an interview to Pakistan newspaper The Times of Islamabad, blasting the government of India for taking action against terrorists.

According to Times of Islamabad, she said “India cannot achieve its objective in the occupied valley even if its army deployment raises from 7 lakh to 70 lakh, further adding that Kashmiris have remained committed with their anti-India sentiments from many years.”

She also said to have told that Indian government is not allowing authors to express their views on Kashmir and they are being jailed for speaking against the Indian Army atrocities after the army recently cordoned off 20 villages in Shopian district in Kashmir. The army initiated search operations in which 3,000 personnel of the Indian Army, Central Reserve Police Force and Jammu and Kashmir police were were involved. The army took the step after terrorists video emerged threatening the Indian state of dire consequences.

Arundhati Roy has been vocal against India since decades, but the Congress government projected her as the voice of Kashmir giving her importance and helped her gain support through international agencies which were mainly aimed at destabilizing India. She is one person who opposed the hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru and protested against India along with Hafiz Saeed

This lady has no rights to hold an Indian passport or call herself an Indian citizen. She is the main person who is funding the separatists to spew venom against India and incite violence in the valley. Worst part is she openly refers Kashmir as “India occupied Kashmir” and wants bravely defends the Pakistan sponsored terror activities.

Unfortunately her passport is still not revoked and she is not kicked out of India, this is a a matter of shame to all Indians who have to tolerate such traitors in the country.

Source: Time of Islamabad


Aishwarya S