7748 murders, 7238 rapes and 11000 kidnappings…. This is Siddaramaiah’s Karnataka for you

After the splendid victory in three states, the Bharatiya Janata Party is very proud of its party and gearing up for the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections 2018, which is still due. Where there is Congress government rule. BJP wants to overthrow Congress with full force; BJP leaders are totally prepared with their aggressive attitude.

Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde addressed a rally in Mangalore and attacked the Siddaramaiah Government of Karnataka on a very high scale. He said that 7748 deaths under the government of Siddaramaiah, 7238 rape and 11000 kidnapping, this government is a murderous government, it is very important to remove it as early as possible.

7748 murders, 7238 rapes and 11000 kidnappings have taken place under your regime Siddaramaiah. It’s a govt of blood shed: Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

When the election results were announced in the year 2013 and Congress won majority naming Siddaramaiah as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, most of us thought “Congress, ah not again”… Congress is the most corrupt party to be precise is what we’ve thought of. And no doubt CM Siddaramaiah proved us right with his each and every move.

1. Corrupt cabinet… You can go through the names in the Siddu cabinet and majority of them are highly corrupt. In the first cabinet expansion few big names weren’t included in the list because they were corrupt but in the second expansion, they were included because of pressures.

2. Minority pleasing.. This is a standard formula for Congress right from the time of independence. They bring out silly schemes for the minority which is not needed at all and try to please them in order to gain votes.

3. Trifurcation of BBMP.. This is again a big blow for Kannadiga’s sentiments. To postpone the elections, the Karnataka Government wants to trifurcate BBMP which will make the situation worse.

4. Rejecting PM’s offer especially to accompany him to China tour.

5. Shaadi bhagya. Most people who are supporting Anna bhagya don’t support this shaadi bhagya reason being there’s “caste” factor considered for this scheme. Govt provides 50K INR as a support for marriage of Muslim brides. This was not needed at all. This also sends a wrong message to the society.

6. No action taken against K.S. Bhagwan even after 30+ cases filed against him for hurting Hindus sentiments.

7. Social welfare minister’s wife took 7 lakhs as bribe which was exposed by private TV channel. The officer was suspended but no action against minister!

Terming Karnataka’s Siddaramaiah government “irresponsible and insensitive”, BJP President Amit Shah said that under the Congress, over 3,000 farmers across the state have committed suicide but the Chief Minister was busy in “politics of appeasement”. “In Siddaramaiah’s tenure, about 3,781 farmers across Karnataka have committed suicide but he is busy in politics of appeasement. I have not seen a government as irresponsible and insensitive as this,” he later said in a tweet.

The fury & agonies of Coastal people is reflecting clearly & convincingly against the murderous INC India govt lead by CM of Karnataka. Their vent of anger surely leads the mandate in kicking off this corrupt govt to the dustbin of history, shortly.

Reading out statistics, Yeddyurappa said: “The State government has not only failed to come to the aid of farmers reeling under drought, it has failed to even disburse the input subsidy released by the Union government. Of the ₹1,685.2 crore released by the BJP-led Union government, the State government is yet to disburse over ₹800 crore.”

When Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister can take the initiative to waive-off farm loans up to ₹1 lakh from its own funds, why can’t Chief Minister Siddaramaiah do the same? When BJP was in power, the BJP waived off farm loans twice and did not ask for help from then UPA government.

Yeddyurappa said: “the Congress party, in its five year-rules, has led the State to emerge as Number 1 in corruption. Also, the government has failed to implement the promises made by it on all fronts.” BJP leaders charged the State government of neglecting North Karnataka in many government schemes and projects.

Source: Indiatvnews.com



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