8 year old girl died on her wedding night; Read how daughters are sold for money

In India, when a girl is 8 years old, a father starts saving money to fulfil her dreams. But after reading this article, you will be shocked to know that even such practises takes place. Have you heard of parents selling their daughters to old men as a bride? Yes, this is not followed by couple of parents but it has become a tradition. This practice is in Yemen.

A bride died on her wedding night from internal haemorrhaging. This is what happens when a 8 year old girl is married to a man who is 5 times her age. This trend is common in Yemen where the men don’t even think whether the girl is ready to get married or not.

Look at few instances,

A girl at an age of 12 years wish to play with her younger siblings but what will be her condition when she has to undergo labor pain? Yes, this happened in 2010 in Yemen and obviously the girl died in the labor room itself.

In Yemen 25% of woman get married below the age of 15 years. The woman here are not married to men who are slightly elder but these men are almost 3 times elder than the girl.

Another young girl died at an age of 8, that too on the day she was married. Reason was she had internal injuries.

In July 2016, 11 year old girl named, Fayrouz Ahmed Haider described her horrifying story. She said that she was married to a man who was 25 years old who used her just for sex. She cursed herself for getting married so soon.

Child marriages have long been woven into Yemen’s social fabric, driven largely by poverty and ancient traditions.

A man from Yemen said that he got 5,00,000 Yemeni rials as he permitted a man to marry his daughter and also said that “We are Muslims and Islam don’t prevent us from marrying off our daughters under 18”.

A national demographic and health survey in 2013 found that nearly 32 percent of girls in Yemen were married before the age of 18, including 9.4 percent who were wed before they were 15. Of these, 8.1 percent had given birth before they turned 19. But many die as they are not able to bear the pain.

Vikrant Raj