An 8 Years Old Muslim Girl pleaded Ex-Vice President Ansari for help, what she got in return will shock you!

Ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari created an unwarranted controversy in his parting speech.He said that the 17.2 crore Muslims (2011 census) in the country constituting 14.2 percent of India’s total population are living with a “feeling of unease” and “a sense of insecurity is creeping in” among them.

This statement has created a furor across the nation and many people are criticizing him for his ill-conceived statement. Even PM Modi made his point in his own style where he tried to connect this statement with his past.

Many people were disturbed with his comments and only question that comes to any sane mind that Hamid himself has been

Sitting in the second most prestigious constitutional seat of the nation, what did he do about the situation? Why he is making all these rubbishcomments while he is leaving the power?

However today we would bring a shocking incident into your attention, which may force you to think if Mr. Ansari seriously deserved all respect and attention he got all these years.

A person whose name is Gaurav, has exposed the hypocrisy of Ex-VP Hamid Ansari and accused him of rejecting a plea by an 8 years old Muslim girl who approached him many a times. Here are the tweets Mr. Gaurav made once he heard Mr. Ansari’s comment where he was showing his concerns towards Muslims in India.

An 8 Years old Girl who was suffering from Cancer tried to meet Mr. Ansari, so that she can be provided with some financial help as she was from a very poor family. In return what Mr. Ansari did to her will shock everyone. Here is the tweet timeline of Gaurav, explaining the incident.

Gaurav went to Mr. Ansari’s residence last year to get some financial help for Girl.

But to their utter shock, Mr. Ansari didn’t give them time for meeting.

Gaurav also approached Mrs. Ansari who is a well-known social worker, but he got a disappointment there as well.

Gaurav did several follow-up’s with them but all were in vein.

He expressed his utter disappointment as now Mr. Ansari is trying to portraying himself as the biggest savior of Muslims. He didn’t help an 8 years old girl, who was a Muslim herself.

This is extremely shocking as we expect a minimum level of decency and humanity in our Leaders. This incident will definitely vanish all the respect Mr. Ansari have garnered all these years.

Manish Sharma